Tomas Hertl, the 19 year old Czech hockey phenom of the San Jose Sharks destroyed the New York Rangers last night to the tune of 4 goals, including a ridiculous through the legs, behind the ankle show-stopper to top off his incredible game.  If you’re a fan of TSB’s WAGs Wednesdays, it’ll be no shock to you that he’s got game with the ladies, too.  Check out Hertl’s dimepiece, Aneta Netolicka, in this week’s edition of Total Sports Blog’s WAGs Wednesday:

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We don’t know a lot about this beauty, other than she looks as good in a Sharks jersey as she does in a bikini.  We’ll be adding more photos to this gallery as we come across them.



  • Momma

    Hey Hook…I think you are being a little sexist!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! How about HABs Humpday! (Husbands & boyfriends). Us girls like to see a little eye candy too!

    • Hook

      the pictures of Hertl and Jagr with their shirts off and the countless other images of males on this website are plenty. Call us sexist, but we’ll probably never feature a HABs Humpday. I encourage you to start a website of your own and post whatever you like! Thanks for reading, Momma.

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