Why people are surprised by anything Miley Cyrus does absolutely blows my mind. So when there was yet another hubbub around her recent actions at the MTV European Music Awards, I just had to laugh. Guys, have we learned nothing? Every word out of her mouth, every move she makes is 100% calculated- by HER. And all you crazy haters just keep bitching about it. Silly, silly people thinking that she is just losing her mind when she’s just ruling the world. Check out what she did in the dopest 30 seconds in EMA history after the jump.

So she wins for Best Video for “Wrecking Ball” (agree), graciously accepts the award without saying anything really insane or inappropriate, and then pulls a pretty little joint out of her Chanel and lights up. LEGALLY. It’s Amsterdam, squares. Prostitution is not only legal, but it’s celebrated and put in your face there. This is small potatoes. Who gives a shit? She’s not ODing on heroin or racking up DUIs. She’s releasing some banging music, smoking a little weed, and pissing off the masses in turn. Good for you, homegirl. I love her attitude. No fucks given. Keeps making bank and loving her life while doing it. Take a note, tightasses. Maybe you all could stand a little herbal relaxation*


*Not condoning illegal drug use, but medical Mary Jane is legal here in Jersey soooo…

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