So we just had two episodes of side story about what the Governor’s been up to and what did we discover? Absolutely nothing. He’s still the same bat shit Governor from last season except this time, he has a motive for being bat shit crazy. He wants to protect his adopted family! Man, when they find out that you occasionally flip your lid, they won’t want to be around you at all. Those chess games with that little girl? Gone. Tapping her nurse mom? Sayonara. You can kiss all that good bye, Brian. They’re going to find out. And guess who’s going to tell them? Rick and stuff. 

The episode starts with the nurse’s daughter playing chess with the Governor while he does laundry. The whole playing chess theme has been run into the ground and the Walking Dead decided to piledrive it even further. The Gov (or Brian as everyone’s starting to call him) and the rest of the girls are assimilating themselves into the fabric of the new community. Later on in the episode, Brian kills Martinez (his old henchman) because he doubts his ability to keep the camp safe. When he goes on a supply run with Pete and Mitch, the stumble upon a camp of survivors and they debate whether they should hold them up for their supplies. Pete decides against it but when they come back, they find out that another neighboring camp had similar ideas but actually went through with it. That just doesn’t cut it so Brian decides to take him out too. Yep, Brian is back to being the Governor. Taking out people left and right, Dexter style….shanking them or tossing them into a pit of zombies. After that, Mitch (who turns out to be Pete’s brother) teams up with Brian as his head henchman and there are allusions that next week’s episode will be a war between the Governor’s new camp and Rick’s prison people.

That’s pretty much all that happened in this episode. THAT IS ALL THAT HAPPENED. I think I’ve almost reached the point where I will stop watching this show. If next week’s episode isn’t full blown awesomeness, I will retire from The Walking Dead recaps and have someone else handle it if the higher ups feel like this show deserves recaps.

Random observations/tweets/memes/tumblrs, etc:

-LOL at dude talking about the Governor and saying “I don’t know if he’s blinking or if he’s winking at me.”

-Awesome gif:

-Martinez is fed to the Walkers in the pit by The Gov

The Walking Dead Martinez Dies

-And it’s confirmed. Nurse mom’s sister is a lesbian….and now she has a girlfriend! TV show is now GLAAD friendly.

-This is how I felt:

-My favorite scene from last night’s episode included these:

-If you didn’t see the previews for next week’s episode, this next picture is a SPOILER. DO NOT GO BEYOND THIS POINT. It’s a picture from The Walking Dead comics of what is supposed to happen next week: