I like to internet.

I like to internet.

Ok we get it, the Mets have stunk for 5 years so you’re broken, sad, angry and don’t know what to do with your life to fill the void. It’s cool, but this in no way means that the best way to go about coping with the failures of this team is to sit home and hate every move the team makes whether it is positive or negative, and while you’re at it hate on other fans of the team for being optimistic or dare I say rational about the situation at hand. The Mets fanbase has become a divided place of logic and sense.  
There is one side of the fanbase that actually sees the light at the end of the tunnel as the farm system has been rebuilt and all the hideous contracts of the previous regime have finally come off the books.  While the other side of the fanbase spends their time hating on the general manager of the team for (Gasp!) cracking jokes and not making a flurry of moves already when the offseason is a mere 3 weeks old.  Then of course there are people like me who reside in the middle of the overly optimistic fans and overly negative mutant fans. I am very rational and practical about this team and where it is going. I like that the farm system has been rebuilt and I like some of the moves that have been made by this team over the last 1-2 years. But at the same time I also have moments here and there where my inner mongo comes out and I want to flip out irrationally about something (i.e my sometimes hatred of Terry Collins). But I know how to keep myself in check.

The amount of fighting on the internet between fans is getting out of hand and I ask you all to take a step back and think about what you’re doing.  You fight and name call and hate each other about a team that probably wouldn’t do the same for you in fact they don’t even know you exist.  Unless of course you angrily tweet them about how terrible they are, then they totally know who you are and make fun of you to the rest of the team.

Signs You're A Mongo

Signs You’re A Mongo

1- You bash the team for not making a move and then bash them when they make a move. Can’t have it both ways.

2- You tweet dumb shit or question marks to the general manager.  I’ve got news for you, he’s not checking his mentions.

3- You take the slightest player acquisition rumor and run with it.

4- You repeatedly put together fantasy lineups consisting of players that have zero chance of ever being on the team. You’re one step away from calling WFAN.

5- You’ve called into WFAN more than once in your life and take your calls seriously.

6- You hate seeing other fans have fun.

7- You give up on prospects really quickly and even root against their success.  (Example: d’Arnaud didn’t hit well in his first 100 AB’s. BUST!)

8- You still hold onto to the past (1986, Jose Reyes, etc…)

9- You dismiss the farm system as if every great player in baseball history didn’t at some point pass through a farm system.

10- You post in the comment section of Metsmerized.

Get ready to hate me!

Get ready to hate me!

The Mets sign Chris Young

Friday the Mets made their first splash of the offseason and by splash I mean they threw a pea in a puddle.  The team signed outfielder Chris Young to a 1 year, $7.25 million contract.  The move was of course instantly met with hate, confusion, regret, and some minor enthusiasm.  My take on this signing is meh, I like it but I don’t love it and they need to follow this move up with a move for a far better player. Young has had some nice seasons but last year was dreadful, hitting just .200 with 12 home runs and 40 RBI’s. Advanced stats will tell you that he’s better than that but we’ll see, if nothing else he’s better than anyone not named Marlon Byrd who was in the Mets outfield last season so it is an improvement.  I will say that in my fantasy league he mostly averaged around 2 points per game which is pretty solid, so there’s that. Those are my advance metrics people!

Did you ever notice that you're an asshole?

Did you ever notice that you’re an asshole?

In Conclusion

I had the pleasure of joining Earl (or whatever his name is) on TSB radio this past week.  He was doing a Mets hot stove show with @JonPresser.  If you look at his avatar on twitter he looks tough but sounds like such a softy. (@EarlTSB) and if you’ve seen Jon’s picture you would think he’s a softy but actually has a deep and imposing voice. What a weird thing to close on.


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