156 songs. Yeah, you read that correctly. This playlist is 155 song monstrosity filled with badassery. You probably are wondering how I had the time to find all of these songs and turn them into a playlist? Well, let’s just say that anytime I heard a song that I thought was dope at any point this year, I dropped it into this playlist on Spotify which was curated throughout the past 12 months. If at any point I got tired of a song, it got the ax.
Before you dive in head first (that’s what she said), Bags has to give you a disclaimer. This playlist has a strong hip hop leaning. For good reason: I love hip hop. If you’re not a fan, you’re probably not going to dig this playlist at all. However, if you don’t dig hip hop at all, I’d also suggest that you avoid television, the radio, internet blogs, and the internet in general, etc. It’s pretty much everywhere at this point. There is also a mix of indie rock, metal, EDM, R&B, blues, folk, and pop mixed in here as well. So there should be enough to whet everyone’s appetite in here. There is a solid mix of mainstream artists with radio play (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lorde, Jannelle Monae, etc.) and independent artists that you may or may not have heard of (Vampire Weekend, Chance the Rapper, Kelela, etc.). Also, this playlist was wholly compiled by me….and no one else at TSB. So if you think this sucks, don’t go tweeting or emailing Earl and Hook about how they have bad taste in music. They already know they have bad taste in music. You’re just tone deaf and definitely shouldn’t be allowed to have access to the internet. I hope you get beat up while waiting on line to get the new retro Jordans at Foot Locker. Anyways, there are a few songs that I thought were noteworthy but weren’t on Spotify. I will embed them in this post and they should be visible after the playlist. There is no order to the songs. I did not do any rankings so just enjoy them at your own leisure.


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