Happy Holidays, Craft Beer fans! I hope you all were lucky enough to get some awesome beers under the tree this year (or under whatever item is the focal point of your holiday) or got to try a solid beverage or two while with family or friends.

While visiting my future in-laws in Massachusetts, we hit up the new craft beer restaurant in town — Natty Greene’s Tavern. Not only was the food absolutely incredible, their beer menu was very respectable and supportive of local state breweries. The beer I went with was the “Norm” Chocolate Coconut Stout by Wormtown Brewery.

“Norm” was served in a Tulip glass and was a dark brown (almost black) beer with a light tan head. The aroma of this beer was excellent — chocolate, oatmeal, caramel, and toasted coconut. The taste of this beer trumped the smell; the beer was essentially a Mounds bar in a glass. The best part about this stout: it was quite easy to drink. It wasn’t heavy and the oatmeal wasn’t too overwhelming.

I’m not ashamed to say that I literally chugged this beer with dinner. I’m in a deep state of depression as I am unsure of how to find this beer anywhere! If you find yourself in the New England area, go get this beer. Now. As a huge fan of stouts, especially anything chocolate, I can easily say this is now my second favorite stout and one of my top five favorite beers.

Best of luck hunting for this gem, beer fans.



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