University of Florida's quarterback Tebow celebrates with Hernandez after throwing a touchdown pass during their NCAA football game against the University of Arkansas in Gainesville


ESPN, the network that can never get enough Tim Tebow coverage, has hired Tim Tebow to cover NCAA Football on the SEC Network.  The interwebs and twitterverse ominously wait for the day Tim Tebow inevitably covers a Florida Gators game in which he will be forced to voice-over highlights of his own glory days.  

As per, Tebow’s primary role with the new network will be as an analyst for “SEC Nation,” a traveling football pregame show that will originate from a different SEC campus each week.  He will also be a contributor on SportsCenter, ESPN radio, and the Heisman Trophy coverage.  There is no word on whether or not an MTV’s Real World style camera crew will film his every move.

Skip Bayless and other Tebowphiles can rest easy, though, as the “quarterback” (see what I did there?) will continue to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL.  Even though Tebow has signed a multi-year deal with ESPN, the Jacksonville Jaguars still have the opportunity to get their heads out of their asses and sign the former Florida Gators star, which will in turn generate some actual revenue for the club other than the yearly rake from the NFL’s revenue sharing program.