NFL Playoffs

The playoff picture is almost set in the NFL. There are two games this coming weekend that are win or go home games. The Green Bay Packers will be playing at Solider Field against the Chicago Bears for the NFC North title. The Philadelphia Eagles are playing at AT&T Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East title.

The Green Bay Packers lost their game yesterday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, which put the Chicago Bears in a position last night to clinch the NFC North with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity, the Bears were shredded by the Eagles offense and Bears offense couldn’t get anything going. This now leads us to one of the most exciting weeks of football.

The Packers are coming off a tough loss to the Steelers. They had an opportunity to take the lead at the end of the game, but penalties and lack of execution ultimately put them in a position to lose. Now the Packers head into a tough Solider field environment. But who has the edge? Even though the Bears were trounced by the Eagles, I believe that the Bears have the advantage. They are in their home environment and their quarterback Jay Cutler has had some time to work his way back from injury. Even if Aaron Rodgers starts, he will be very rusty considering he has been out since week 9. With an injured Clay Matthews, I see the Bears being able to control the ball and have their running back Matt Forte control the game. I think that the Bears are in a better position to win this game and win the NFC North.

The Cowboys just had a hard fought victory over the Washington Redskins after Tony Romo (against his norm) won a game in a late drive, in the middle of December. Now, can Romo continue that momentum against an Eagles team that had one of their best performances of their season? I say yes. BUT, I do not think the Cowboys can pull this one off. I consider both defenses to be fairly weak and evenly matched, so that leads to the question, who has the better offense? Nick Foles is on a mission to lead this Eagles team to victory and Lesean McCoy is probably the hottest running back in the league at this moment. Who ever is able to control the ball and keep their offense on the field (more importantly keep their defense off) will win this game. I see the Eagles being able to control the ball with a mix of run and pass, and wear out the defense of the Dallas Cowboys.