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MLB could soon see protective headgear on pitchers as soon as the 2014 season. Major League Baseball seems to be focusing on the safety of it player this offseason. First, the MLB has set up a rule about players not being able to run into catchers at home plate. That rule has yet to be clarified or implemented. Not only are they protecting catchers, but now there is a focus on protecting pitchers.
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The hiatus is over! Craft beer reviews are back! You guys, I am so terribly sorry. I had to put my love of reviewing fine brews for you guys on the back burner for a little while as I was taking care of life (work, school, planning my wedding, you know the deal…) but I AM HERE AND YOU ARE READING, hopefully.

The football season is winding down, the baseball hot stove is heating up, and the weather in the North East is bitter and cold: the best time for an awesome porter!

I tend to make a weekly (or bi-weekly) trip to the beer distributor and just walk around before I make any purchases. I usually have something in mind and look to pick up something that I haven’t gotten to experience yet. This time around, I wanted something that would be awesome for a cold evening and have a ton of chocolate flavor. There were so many options but seeing the bold logo just drew me in (see above). Also, the fact that I could somehow drink a chocolate shake in beer form was mind-blowing to me.

I poured Shake Chocolate Porter into a regular pint glass and got ready for the TSB Radio podcast (listen to it on Tuesday nights from 9-10pm!!!). It poured a deep brown color, as expected, with a tanned foamy head (get your mind out of the gutter). The smell reminded me a lot of a packet of hot chocolate (you know, the powder from Swiss Miss). It kind of also tasted that way as well. There were notes of mocha, caramel, milk chocolate, vanilla, and porter earthiness while remaining very sweet.

I’m a big fan of darker beers and an even bigger fan of anything chocolate. This beer is perfect for somebody new to craft beers who doesn’t want anything too powerful or overwhelming. This beer will be added to my list of favorite porters, for sure. The ABV isn’t too high and the mouthfeel isn’t too chalky. If you can, I’d pick up a six pack or search it out on tap.



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Terence Garvin hit on Kevin Huber

Terence Garvin hit on Kevin Huber

The NFL announced Tuesday that although not flagged in the game, Terence Garvin’s season ending hit on Bengals Punter, Kevin Huber was illegal and sent the Steelers linebacker a $25,000 for his troubles.

What was first feared as a broken jaw has turned out much worse as after medical consultation. Huber was diagnosed with a cracked vertebrae in the neck resulting from the big block which sprung Antonio Brown free on his punt return TD this past Sunday Night.
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It’s been a rough trail for those who put their faith in the Detroit Lions. A few short weeks ago the division was ours for the taking, a playoff spot was theoretically locked up and the Lions faithful felt the feeling of security for the first time in a long time. The schedule was in their favor, the defense was coming into form and the offense was clicking. I went flying out there and said they would win the North and finish 11-5. Before any of us could blink, that feeling of security started to fade away. Let’s take a moment and recap the last five weeks.

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It’s been over 2 years since the wildly successful “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” opened with an ending that left so many possibilities for sequels. Well, we’ve finally been treated to a sequel and we’ll be finding out what good old Caesar’s been up in the past couple years. Unfortunately, it looks like his homie, James Franco, won’t be along for the ride. Gary Oldman picks up the baton that James Franco handed him and it looks like that he’ll be running with it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last night Earl, Jon, and Kevin kept the New York Mets theme going.  Take a listen as we took calls from Eddie (@xTomatoes), James (@MidnightBashem), David (@Graves9), Don (@Hey_its_Don), and Josh (@Joshchapdelaine) to start the show. After the callers, we were lucky enough to have Matthew Cerrone (@MatthewCerrone) from join us to talk about Mets moves,, social media, and more.
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by Erwin Seguia

Let’s talk about squatting:

Whether you are a recreational, office league, semi-professional, or elite athlete, squats are an important movement that any individual should be able to perform with a good amount of form. Regardless of sport, the squat is an essential movement, which is a basis for movements not limited to running or jumping. This article, the first of four, will briefly discuss mechanics, proper cueing, benefits, and proper equipment. Through this series, I hope to impart some of my knowledge, mixed with updated evidence from articles and literature, with some dry and stupid humor betwixt it all. Now, there is an unlimited amount of topics that I initially wanted to discuss, but let’s keep it simple (as best I can) for now. Read the rest of this entry »


This fantasy football season has been fun, bad and heartbreaking, depending on who you asked. It doesn’t matter what happened to your team this season, we’ve all been disappointed by several players this season. Here are my top 5 fantasy football disappointments.


1. Ray Rice

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The name Jose Canseco can be related to a lot of things, such as steroids, Major League Baseball, boxing, “Bang Bros”, and more.

One thing that Canseco definitely isn’t relatable to is Texas Longhorn football. But is that about to change?

Canseco reached out to the University via Twitter to officially announce his candidacy for the position.

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LeBron James tearing up his former team on Saturday night.

LeBron James tearing up his former team on Saturday night.

Since he left in 2010, the book has never been closed on the possibility of a return to Cleveland for ‘The King’, LeBron James; especially since the Miami Heat have yet to tie their star down to a new long-term deal.  So, will LeBron James ever return to Cleveland?

James is set to become an unrestricted free agent this coming offseason and the four time reigning MVP isn’t giving anything away in respect to his future.

Cavaliers fans have been campaigning for the return of their all-time leading scorer, even raising around $5,000 to put up billboards and custom “come home LeBron” t-shirts; a notion that owner Dan Gilbert didn’t oppose despite the bad blood between himself and James.

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