If you play NBA2k14, there’s no doubt you’re searching for the easiest way to earn VC to boost your player in “My Career” mode.  After searching the internet I’ve found the best way to do it without purchasing VC with your actual money, or simulating My GM mode with the Miami Heat.  This is by far the best and easiest way to earn VC for NBA2k14: 

All you have to do is download the MyNBA2k14 app for your smartphone, and check it every day.  There is a daily VC bonus where you select an envelope to win VC, and a “Pick and Win” section where you predict the outcome of actual NBA games to earn even more (50 VC per correct pick).  Upon downloading the app, I noticed several thousand VC had been deposited into my My Player account.  Then the envelope I picked in the daily VC bonus got me another 1,450 VC.  After a couple of weeks I’ve noticed the envelopes range from 700-1500 VC (I’d love to hear if anyone out there has gotten more/less).  There’s also a MyTEAM Mobile game on the app where you can get 500 VC a day for playing 10 quick game matches.

In addition to the app on your mobile phone, make sure you get the NBA2k14 Locker Codes app on Facebook.  Every couple of days, they release new codes that you can enter on your game console for free VC, dunk packages, clothes for your player etc.  As long as you check in there every few days, you’re guaranteed to boost your My Player.

Sorry if you were expecting some sort of game hack or shifty way to gain VC.  I personally had been logging hours upon hours of gameplay, only to gain 300-900 VC per game in the “My Career” mode, and was getting fed up with the increasing VC costs to make my player better.  I almost resorted to purchasing VC with the $10 free I received with my PS4 purchase, but am more than happy to gain free VC every day with my mobile phone app, and will use that money on something else.

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