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Sup Bitch?

Sup Bitch?

Today Keith Law, who is the minor league/prospect guru to end all all minor league/prospect gurus ranked the Mets farm system 6th best in Baseball.  This is pretty damn good especially considering that three years ago when Sandy and his boys took over the Mets were the 26th ranked farm system.  Yeah I know, having a good farm system doesn’t always mean anything and a lot of prospects don’t pan out blah blah, blah, blah. But this ranking shows that the farm system has been successfully rebuilt in just three years and that is the first step to become a long term contender.  The Mets did it in the 80’s…or did you think Gooden and Strawberry fell out of the sky?
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David-OrtizDavid Ortiz is fresh off an amazing postseason run that saw him win a third World Series title and his first fall classic MVP award.

Ortiz would love to keep the good times rolling and finish his career in a Boston Red Sox uniform.

However, if the Boston Red Sox do not offer the designated hitter a multiyear contract, Ortiz will “move on.” In an interview with WBZ-TV’s Sports Final that aired on Sunday night, Ortiz said he would “like to retire with the Red Sox”, but had no issues moving on from the team. Read the rest of this entry »


Squats (Part 3): Jump Squats

January 27, 2014 by


Welcome back to Part 3 of the squatting series after taking a break to talk about Crossfit. Today, we’re going to talk briefly about jump squats and their great effects in terms of injury prevention, strengthening, and potentiating effects on (you guessed it) jumping. Read the rest of this entry »

My nosebleed view for the 2nd and 3rd rounds at Rupp Arena last Spring

My nosebleed view for the 2nd and 3rd rounds at Rupp Arena last Spring

It’s no secret that I believe Arizona has the best chance of winning the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, but a lot of people have been asking me how confident I am in my prediction.  Even though I’ve correctly predicted the NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion for the past 5 out of 6 years (I had Memphis over Kansas, would be 6 for 6 if Mario Chalmers didn’t exist) before the season even started, I’m never 100% confident.  Here’s my level of confidence per team who legitimately has a shot at winning it all, and why: Read the rest of this entry »


The 20 Athlete Royal Rumble

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With the WWE’s Royal Rumble coming up this weekend, I always imagined which twenty present day athletes would I want to see in a Royal Rumble. There are the easy ones like Zedeno Chara, Prince Fielder, Metta World Peace, and Jon Jones. But to round out my twenty, I’d need to diversify my portfolio. I wouldn’t just pick the biggest and baddest dudes on the block, because we all know that Ric Flair wasn’t exactly either one of those.
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Keeping up with the Team USA themed Total Sports Babes, we bring you 18 year old figure skater, Gracie Gold.  Gracie will be skating for the gold for Team USA in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Check out her sweet moves in this gallery: Read the rest of this entry »


Justin Bieber was arrested Thursday morning on DUI and drag racing charges. To the delight of many, including myself, Justin Bieber finally got punished and was taught a lesson. Two of the people that were most excited about the Bieber arrest were two former NFL players.

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Four months after the Richmond International scandal involving Michael Waltrip Racing, Ty Norris has been reinstated by NASCAR.

Norris, who came forth as being the mastermind of the scandal, was suspended after ordering Brian Vickers to pit and change the outcome of the Chase cutoff race and help teammates Martin Truex, Jr. make the Chase for the Sprint Cup final two races.

While Norris has kept his title as Executive Vice President of MWR, Norris’ duties have changed. He is no longer involved with the competition department and his primary focus will be on sponsorship and marketing. Read the rest of this entry »

TSB Logo Small
Last night the TSB Radio crew was joined by Matt Falkenbury (@DailyStache) of to talk about the launch of Stache Radio on February 17th. Stache Radio (@StacheRadio) will be part of the TSBRadio Network. This will be our 100% New York Mets related show, that will be broadcast on off nights. Also joining them was Brian Erni (@BrianErni) of Brian hit on everything from the Brooklyn Nets, to the New York Islanders, and even the WWE.

Special thanks to 3 great calls from @Graves9, @A_Buon, and @MidnightBashem.
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Eugenie Bouchard1

I don’t watch tennis at all, but I should probably start.  Randomly came across this 19 year old smoke show via a follower’s Twitter post.  Eugenie Bouchard is up there with the likes of Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova in the looks department, and is currently the 31st ranked female singles player in the world.  They say she’s the “next big thing” in tennis, and if that gets her more TV time I sure hope she is.  Check out a gallery of Eugenie Bouchard photos after the jump:

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