As many of TSB’s loyal readers may already know, Raymond Felton was arrested on felony gun charges late last night. His wife, who recently just filed for divorce, brought in a unlicensed weapon to a police station and gave a statement saying that Ray Ray waved it at her at one point. If I was his wife, I wouldn’t have felt threatened because as all Knicks fans already know, Felton rarely ever hits his target when he’s shooting. Anyways, the internet had a field day this morning…..making a meme out of the entire situation. Let’s take a look see and have a good laugh at Ray Ray’s expense. 


– Yes! A McDonald’s reference because Felton is impossibly overweight for a starting NBA point guard and an NWA reference? Kudos.


– Raymond Felton is fat and is there anything fat people love more than cake? According to twitter, no.


– Probably my least favorite so far. I was amused for like 2 seconds.

– Ha. A photoshopped picture with Felton and two other gun wielding lunatics, Plax and Gilbert Arenas. This one is a contender.

– Considering the fact that Felton shoots .403 from the field, Felton should be exonerated.

– Clever usage of “Above the Rim” here.

– Ahahahahahahaha. Yes, this one is my personal favorite. Honestly, no one believes that Melo would ever allow Felton to shoot. Carmelo is the only person allowed to do that.

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