Juan Pablo
And then there were two, so, it has been a long journey for TV’s bachelor Juan Pablo’s quest for love, but the question remains: who will he choose?

The two lovely women who will go head to head tonight before the final rose are Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley. Who he should have chosen and who he will choose are two entirely different things because let’s face it, while my pick is Nikki, I think he should have kept Rene Otero, however, after her recent engagement it seems like Juan Pablo has lost out.

So, let’s talk about Nikki. She is a 26-year-old pediatric nurse/part-time model from Kansas. She is the only contestant who met Juan Pablo’s daughter Camilla, his ex, and his parents. It was like Nikki was already part of the family, however, I found the entire situation awkward. I mean, I know that his ex was present at the recital because of the daughter, but it was kind of like Nikki was a long-lost relative more than a future wife of Juan Pablo. I like Nikki, don’t get me wrong. She is very beautiful, has a career, seems compassionate, and appears ready to settle down and start a family, however, some question if she could be the shows villain. Is she really pulling the wool over Juan Pablo’s eyes, along with the rest of America? Only time will tell and that would be one hell of a twist to the show.

Let’s talk about Clare, for a minute. The fact, that she has made it to the finals really make my eye twitch. Seriously, Juan Pablo-wtf. Clare is 32 years old and seems much less mature than Nikki. She is a hairstylist, so if Juan Pablo picks her, at least, his hair will always look great. I just don’t get Clare. She comes a crossed as phony. I don’t find her sincere and she is too childish, however, Juan Pablo did say he wanted more kids, well if he chooses Clare, looks like he get his wish because I don’t know who would be worse for taking temper tantrums-Camilla or Clare. She is a manipulator, just ask her sister. However, I do have to give props to the girl for one thing-when she sees something she wants, she does not stop until she gets it, which makes me question if this is all a game to her?

The final question, the final rose. Who will Juan Pablo choose? I don’t think he will choose either one. I just don’t think he has taken his time on the Bachelor seriously, despite what he has said. I think he was looking for a good time. He comes a crossed very arrogant and like he is God’s gift to women. I still believe that if he had taken the Bachelor seriously and was looking for a wife, he would have picked Rene or Cassandra.

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