One of the most frustrating parts of MyTEAM in NBA2k14 is Domination mode and attaining a 3 star performance that will reward you with 3 packs.  There are a lot of videos on YouTube and threads online with theories on how to get 3 stars, but most of them are incorrect.  They all claim you need to score 80 points and get a lot of blocks.  This is NOT true.  The secret to getting 3 stars in Domination mode in NBA2k14 is…

  to have an all Bronze lineup and bench (this is a must), and possess an overwhelming majority of the statistics by the end of the game.  If you pause the game, you can check how you compare to the opposing team in every major statistic.  These include the usual statistical categories (points, assists, rebounds (both offensive and defensive), blocks, steals, and turnovers) and several other metrics, such as points off of turnovers, points in the paint, dunks, time of possession, 3 pointers made, FG made, FT made (percentages in all shooting statistics don’t matter at all), bench points, fouls, fast break points, etc.  If you are leading in a category, you’ll see the box is highlighted yellow on your side.  You will get 3 stars, whether you win or lose, if almost all of the boxes on your side are yellow at the final buzzer.

As you can see, the Thunder have most of the yellow boxes

As you can see, the Thunder have most of the yellow boxes

I routinely punt time of possession when playing Domination mode.  That is the one category that I pay absolutely no attention to, as it is my objective on offense to dunk and make as many 3 pointers as possible.  It is imperative to drive the lane (pick and roll works nicely) as much as possible to draw fouls and get dunks (which count double towards your stats due to the points in the paint metric).  Taking care of the ball is very important, as turnovers usually lead to more stats for the opposing team.  On defense, I never touch the steal button (reach-in fouls seem to be called way more often in Domination mode than any other part of NBA2k14 for some reason) unless I am controlling a guard who is helping against a big in the post.  The AI will usually generate all the steals you need to win that category.

The theory that you have to score over 80 points and win the game is definitely not true.  I recently scored 71 points and lost the game and still received 3 stars.  There is another theory that you need 1 player to score 20+ points and at least 2 other players in double figures.  I have found that the more players that score in double figures the better my chances of getting 3 stars is, whether or not 1 of them drops 20+.  Some people insist that you must get double digit blocks to get 3 stars, which is also not true.

Whatever you do, don’t waste your time in Domination mode with a lineup that includes Silver or Gold players.  Even if you get blown out with an all-Bronze lineup, you’ll usually still get 2 stars (I played a game where I purposely turned the ball over a ton and lost by 25 and only got 1 star).  As far as I know it is not possible to get 3 stars if you have Silver or Gold players in your lineup.

I’ll post some screen-shots to help explain things a litter better tomorrow, and update this post accordingly if I have more info.  Good luck and have fun with your NBA2k14.  Feel free to share any tips/tricks you have in the comments below.