juan pablo 2

The Bachelor is over and what a dramatic conclusion.

The show started off with Juan Pablo and his family spending some in-depth time with the women. After, his family “interviewed” each woman, Juan Pablo charmed them in his usual idiotic way and both women poured their hearts out to him.

First, Nikki wrote him a letter, which she read to him. Nikki poured everything into the letter and it was easy to see how much she cared for Juan Pablo. The letter ended with her telling Juan Pablo that she loved him. The funny thing about it, is that Juan Pablo didn’t have much of a reaction. The look on his face was kind of like, ‘damn, now what do I do?’ It was easy to see, he obviously doesn’t love Nikki. So, did he propose to her? Not yet, there is more.

Clare, the lovely Clare. The entire relationship between Juan Pablo and Clare has been more physical than anything else, however, their last meeting before the final rose Juan Pablo told Clare that he could see himself in Sacramento with her, so does this mean there is more than the physical aspect of their relationship here? Maybe.

As, the two women get ready to meet Juan Pablo both seem confident that he is the one, however, I still don’t see it happening.

At the final rose ceremony, Juan Pablo meets with Clare first who pours her heart out to him and the entire time he looks bored. Like he wishes she would just shut the hell up. Juan Pablo informs her that she is not the one and boy does she go off on him. She lets him know what she really thinks of him and how she even had doubts about him. I don’t know call me crazy, but the fact that her first appearance on the show involved her stepping out of a limo with a fake baby bump-probably sealed the deal of him not picking her. So, why did he keep her on the show? She caused drama. People loved to hate her, she brought in ratings.

Last, Nikki. If he didn’t pick Clare than he must have proposed to Nikki, right? Wrong! Again, Nikki poured her heart out to him, and Juan Pablo told her that she would be a great step-mom, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to propose to her, however, he did give her the final rose. I have to say that Nikki disappointed me because I thought she was smarter than that because I would have walked away and told him to shove the rose up his ass.

Am I really surprised the way the Bachelor ended? No, I have to say that I saw it coming. Will Nikki and Juan Pablo stay together? Do pigs fly?

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