Adam Silver

Just moments ago NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, delivered the news that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been given a lifetime ban and fined $2.5 million after the completion of the investigation of the audio tapes heard last week.  Commissioner Silver also announced that the league will also attempt to force a sale of the Clippers.

In the statement given by Silver, Sterling cannot attend any NBA games or practices, be present at any Clippers office or facility, or participate in business or player personnel decisions.

Silver stated, “This league is far bigger than any one owner, any one coach and any one player.”  Although he seemed very nervous during the press conference, Silver’s words were the strongest of any commissioner in recent history.

Silver’s decision, and quickly might I add, showed that in just three months since taking over as commissioner, he has already become the most respected commissioner in all of professional sports.  There is no chance that Bud Selig, Gary Bettman, or Roger Goodell would have been able to levy a punishment so severe.  Those three only care about the dollar, and nothing else.  Silver on the other hand, showed that there is more to the NBA than just money, it’s about the relationship with the fans.

Although a forced sale of the Clippers will probably be difficult and run though the court system, I applaud Adam Silver’s efforts and actions against one of the worst human beings in all of professional sports.


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