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We are two weeks away from Extreme Rules and the card is starting to shape up. It’s nice to see WWE move away from the formula of the pay-per-view, ahem, special event, after Wrestlemania being a bunch of Wrestlemania rematches. This definitely isn’t the case apart from Cena and Wyatt. Tonight was a solid Raw that advanced storylines and had some solid matches.


Quick results:

Bad News Barrett defeated Sheamus via pinfall after hitting the Bull Hammer



Los Matadores & El Torito defeated 3MB (Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, & Hornswoggle) via pinfall with El Torito pinning Drew McIntyre


Usos defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust via pinfall



Emma defeated Layla via pinfall with Emma hitting her own version of Santino’s cobra



RVD defeated Cesaro via countout with Jack Swagger interfering and costing Cesaro the match



Paige defeated Aksana via submission with Aksana tapping to the Scorpion Crosslock



Alexander Rusev defeated Sin Cara via submission with The Accolade



John Cena defeated the Wyatt Family in a 3-on-1 handicap match via disqualification after Rowan & Harper interfere




I was surprised that Raw opened with Daniel Bryan instead of Evolution but the reasoning made sense once the segment was over. It was announced on before Raw but not mentioned on Raw that Daniel Bryan’s father unexpectedly passed away a few days ago. You have to give Daniel Bryan credit for being on raw since his father just passed away and you could tell it was rough for him and he was teary eyed. This segment with Kane delivering 3 tombstone piledrivers was solid and got the point across. I’d imagine Bryan is off TV for as long as he has to be until his match with Kane at Extreme Rules.

Why in 2014 is there a midget feud in WWE? El torito pins McIntyre and remember when McIntyre was the “chosen one?” This was one of the segments where watching WWE is frustrating. If I was trying to get someone into wrestling and they watched tonight’s Raw for the first time, they would buy into 95% of the show. Unfortunately the other 5% of the show is 2 midgets wrestling and Emma/Santino having a “cobra” as their finisher.

There was a segment with in-ring promos by both Evolution and The Shield. The Shield came off better in this segment with Ambrose calling Orton a creampuff and Rollins calling out Batista for being “too Hollywood” which is convenient considering plans have him taking a break after Extreme Rules to film a movie.

The Santino/Emma vs. Fandango/(insert diva here) best of 1,000 series doesn’t look like it’s going to get interesting anytime soon.

Cesaro vs. Swagger was announced for Smackdown after Swagger cost Cesaro the match tonight. Cesaro was the favorite to win the Intercontinental Title Contender tournament, but going in this direction makes sense. I’d imagine there isn’t a clean finish on Smackdown Friday and that leads to a Cesaro/Swagger match being announced for Extreme Rules.


Main Takeaways from tonight:

Kane delivered 3 tombstone piledrivers to Daniel Bryan (1 ringside, 1 on steel steps, 1 on the announce table) so expect Bryan to be off TV for the time being.


Daniel Bryan vs. Kane at Extreme Rules in an Extreme Rules match was announced.

Bad News Barrett vs. RVD is the finals for the Intercontinental Title #1 Contender Tournament

After Cody Rhodes and Goldust lost to the Usos, Cody pushed Goldust and went to the back by himself so expect a Cody heel turn and a tag-team breakup.

Rybaxel were on commentary for the Usos/Cody Rhodes & Goldust match and attacked the Usos after the match. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being a match at Extreme Rules.

Evolution vs. The Shield at Extreme Rules is made official

R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. Alexander Rusev in a 2-on-1 handicap match is made official for Extreme Rules


Tweets of the Night:


h/t to @WrasslorMonkey for gifs and for pictures