Man changes with the times. And Gillette changes with man. In fact, shaving has evolved drastically throughout the years. From the “Pepe Le Pew” mustache to the handle bar, Gillette has been there through it all. Now, the brand is excited to introduce a video showcasing the hippest style and grooming trends from the last century, culminating in the latest trend – body shaving:

Featured in the above video is Gillette BODY, the brand’s first razor built for the terrain of the male body.  The short video was created by Grey London and takes viewers on a quick journey through the last 100 years of grooming style.

Tell us what you think of the video in the comment section.  The good people at Gillette sent us a few samples, and we’d love to send them out to a few of our readers to try out.  Holler at us on Twitter if you’re interested.  Supply is very limited.