suarez bite


3-time in-game biter and Uruguayan National Luis Suarez has apologized to Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini for biting him on the shoulder, and vows never to do it again.  Check out the scumbag’s footballer’s apology after the jump:



Suarez also tweeted a short apology to Chiellini which the player has graciously accepted:


Giorgio Chiellini is a class-act, but Luis Suarez is an asshat trying to save face.  This is the 3rd fucking time he’s bitten someone.  He is by far one of the dirtiest if not the dirtiest players I have ever seen.  Check out this “highlight” reel of some of his actions:


The sad part about this is that Luis Suarez is an incredibly skilled football player who finds himself on just about everyone’s top 5 players in the world list.  But this type of play has no place in the game.  If and when Suarez bites someone again, I hope he gets his teeth knocked out.

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