Last summer, twitter was taken over by Sharknado-mania….a movie starring Ian Ziering that aired on the SyFy channel. It was about….well, you can take a wild guess. If you can’t….what the hell is wrong with you? It was about tornadoes sucking up sharks from the ocean and thus making them “twisters with teeth” that rampaged California. Well, SyFy had a brilliant idea for the sequel. Why not bring Sharknadoes to the city that never sleeps?


The important thing to remember with movies like this is to not to take anything seriously. I mean, the movie is about sharks and tornadoes put together. Also, the plot isn’t important. Just the random hilarious things that happens. The movie starts with one of the most hilarious opening scenes that I’ve ever seen. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are flying to NY to do a book signing for “How to Survive A Sharknado” when…..well, what do you think happens? The plane runs into a sharknado. Ian Ziering’s character, Fin, successfully lands the plane at JFK but not until Tara Reid’s character (I didn’t care to learn her name) loses a hand. They get to a hospital in Manhattan when Fin finds out that he needs to save his brother in law and nephew in Citi Field before the Sharknado gets there. This all happens within the first 40 minutes of the movie. You know this movie is completely illogical at this point because every New Yorker knows that you can’t get from JFK, to Manhattan and then back to Citi Field in 40 minutes. It is virtually impossible. But that just begins to explain the pace that the movie moves at.

How did the shark eat through the back of the subway car but can’t bite through a Louisville Slugger?

I’m not going to ruin the movie for you but there is a lot of absurdity as well as some surprising celebrity cameos. Mark McGrath, Kari Wuhrer, Andy Dick, Kurt Angle, and Biz Markie are just a few names you wouldn’t be surprised to find in this movie. However, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa, and Judd Hirsch also lend their names to this project for whatever reason. However, the real stars of this movie are the sharks and the ridiculousness. At one point, Kari Wuhrer tases a shark…..and it works. There is also a scene where Fin channels Frogger (but with sharks instead of cars) in order to get from one car to another on a flooded NYC street. I will not spoil you anymore because part of the fun is watching these things unfold before your very eyes and laugh while you hate yourself for watching this. I personally am a sucker for tongue in cheek movies so if you’re anything like me, you will enjoy the hell out of this. Just make sure to watch it with a bunch of friends or with your twitter app open on your phone. If you take yourself too seriously, you might want to skip it and also find yourself a sense of humor while you’re at it.

Tweet, Tumblrs, Gifs, Observations, and Spoilers:


Did Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park, or Sharknado 2 have the best toilet death scenes?


I don’t know why Tara Reid is laughing after finding out she lost her hand. I really have no clue.


Sorry, #MetsTwitter, but this is probably the first legit home run to be hit at Citi Field this year.


The Shark is all like “Don’t tase me, bro.”


Biz Markie is all like “No new friends”.


Movie obviously jumps the shark here.






I can’t begin to explain Fin’s reaction at the end of this but this gif is glorious.

via @WorldOfIsaac

Wait…..what? No, nevermind. It actually makes sense. Just kidding what the hell is happening?!

And let’s not forget about the Favre-ian shark that allows to give Strahan the easy sack here:

Props to Pete Blackburn at for the gifs.

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