If you really do not plan on tuning into the WWE Network, illegally streaming, or ordering WWE Battleground on pay-per-view tomorrow night, have no worries! I have you all covered on what to expect from the event.

Pre-Show: Cameron vs Naomi

I think this result will be fairly obvious. There were plans to have Naomi win the WWE Diva’s title back at Wrestlemania at one point and it is the pre-show. I see Naomi getting her revenge and beginning, what could be, a fairly successful singles run. I don’t think Cameron will get squashed here. I expect her to begin strong, but ultimately fall to her former partner.

Winner: Naomi by Pinfall

Match One: Rusev w/Lana vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Well it took the WWE a long time, but Jack Swagger finally is over. One of the biggest disappointments in recent memory has the crowd behind him, but it all comes at a bad time.

Rusev has been unstoppable since bursting on the scene and Lana has blossomed into a great speaker and WOW is he just perfect to look at.

I think this will be a fairly long match and Swagger will get a good chance to showcase his offense. I think he will be made to look like a formidable opponent to Rusev, but I just can’t see him winning. Rusev is clearly on the rise and the WWE is not going to halt his push because Swagger has momentum for the first time ever. Sorry Jack.

Winner: Rusev by Submission 

Match Two: The Usos (c) vs the Wyatt Family (2 of 3 Falls match for the WWE Tag Team Championships)

Without a doubt, the Wyatts will win the first fall and the Usos will win the second; however, who will win the third?

If you read my prediction for Money in the Bank, I thought the Wyatts were taking home the titles then and I still have not changed my stance. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan need a win in the worst way. If the WWE wants them to have any long-term success, they need to win this one.

The Usos have had a great title run and they have surprised me. I was not a big fan of theirs honestly, but they have impressed with their in-ring ability and their effort. It is very rare for them to put on a bad show.

I could see another match at Summerslam between these teams, but I think it is time the Usos chased the titles.

Winner and NEW Tag Team Champions: The Wyatt Family by pinfall

Match Three: Chris Jericho vs Bray Wyatt

I am not sure why the WWE is having this match at Battleground and not at Summerslam.

I think it COULD make sense to have a re-match next month, but it would not make sense to have Jericho lose both…but Jericho did lose to Fandango at Wreslemania 29.

Wyatt will win this feud and should no doubt win their assumed re-match at Summerslam, but part of me thinks Y2J takes the first match. I could see something go wrong with interference from the Wyatt Family or maybe even the Miz or Randy Orton.

On the other hand, Wyatt has not had a big profile win in quite some time and could really use it.

Winner: Bray Wyatt by pinfall 

Match Four: Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

This will be the match of the year. No doubt in my mind.

These two already have amazing chemistry in the ring, as proven by their feud in FCW.

Fast forward to 2014 and I am so excited to see what they will do if given proper time.

This will be a high flying, hard hitting, and fast paced match that should leave everyone wanting more.

Given both guys were “hurt” on Raw and Kane fought Ambrose on Smackdown, both men come in “banged up”.

I don’t think Ambrose’s feud with the authority is over. I can see Kane interfering here, causing Rollins to win this match and setting up Ambrose to face Kane at Summerslam, with Ambrose getting his big win there.

I just hope the WWE gives them at least 20-25 minutes and they will tear the house down.

Winner: Seth Rollins by Pinfall

Match Five: AJ Lee (C) vs Paige (WWE Diva’s Title)

I am also excited for this match. Both of these women are pretty good in the ring and are capable of putting on very good matches and I expect nothing less at Battleground.

With AJ taking the title the same way as Paige did and this interesting buddy-buddy thing they have been doing, I think they are setting up one of the divas to turn heel. AJ was very good with Tamina, but I think Paige is the one who will be making a turn.

Paige had a reputation in NXT as the “anti-diva” and as an ass-kicker and I think her losing this match and turning heel with turn her into what many fans thought she would be back in April when she made her WWE debut.

Like Jericho vs Wyatt, I expect a re-match next month. Which will make Jerry Lawler happy.



Winner and STILL Diva’s Champion: AJ Lee by pinfall. 

Match Six: Battle Royal for the WWE Intercontinental Title

Participants: Alberto Del Rio, Big E,  Bo Dallas, Cesaro, Curtis Axel, Diego, Dolph Ziggler, Fandango, Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, R-TruthRybackSheamusSin Cara, The Great KhaliThe Miz,  Titus O’NeilXavier Woods, Zack Ryder

I think there really are a few guys that I can see winning: Del Rio, Dellas, Cesaro, Sheamus and the Miz.

My vote is on the last man I named: The Miz.

Fresh off his return, the Miz has shown up with a new fire. His mic work has been phenomenal and he even picked up a big win on Raw over Sheamus clean. I think upper management has always liked the Miz due to his outside celebrity and he genuinely is a guy who loves what he does.

I think the Miz and his “money maker” smile will take home the IC title. Does anyone sense a unification match coming vs Sheamus at Summerslam?

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: The Miz

Main Event: John Cena (c) vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns (Fatal four-way match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Well the WWE did ruin the outcome of this match. Commercials have already run for Summerslam, showcasing the main event. I have added the video below, ONLY WATCH IF YOU WANT THE OUTCOME GIVEN AWAY.

Well once again, it comes down to Cena or Reigns.

Kane has been made to look too weak and Orton just doens’t have much momentum for him to take home the strap.

Reigns has been on fire lately with the crowd and is emerging as the next top star of the company. When Roman Reigns wins his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship it will be a landmark moment…which is why it WONT be at Battleground. I think the WWE will want that special moment to come at one of the big four (Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Survivor Series, or Wresltemania). 

Expect Reigns to come out of this match looking unstoppable, but the WWE will find a way to make the budding-superstar fail for now.

So just as Sean ended the Money in the Bank preview…I will do the same.


Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena by Pinfall


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