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This is the WWE Monday Night Recap. This contains spoilers!


John Cena defeated Cesaro via pinfall




The Usos & Dolph Ziggler defeated Rybaxel & The Miz via pinfall



R-Truth defeated Bo Dallas via pinfall

Adam Rose defeated Damien Sandow (Neil Armstrong ) via pinfall

Diego (with Summer Rae, Layla and El Torito) defeated Fandango via pinfall

Natalya and Naomi defeated Cameron and Alicia Fox via submission

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins ended in a no-contest after interference from the Wyatt’s


Is John Cena opening Raw better or worse than The Authority opening Raw? At least Cena stayed away from making jokes but of course had to mention ECW for the cheap pop.

Paul Heyman and Cesaro are both so much more over when they are separate. Cesaro’s comment about Cena’s shoes being from Kmart was the best one-liner in a while. Apparently WWE told Cesaro to stop doing the Cesaro Swing because they wanted him to be a heel so it’s interesting he broke the move out tonight against Cena.

I’m a fan of AJ and Paige feuding but I’m not a fan of AJ’s storyline for the past 3 years being that nobody can call her crazy

Wow, what a throwback with Chris Jericho interrupting a Stephanie McMahon segment. Awesome stuff.

Over an hour into Raw and there had only been one match and surprisingly it was a great first hour.

I thought R-Truth was going to get buried by Rusev and I was pleasantly surprised to see¬†Bo Dallas. I thought Dallas would pick up the win but it was time to get him over as a heel, so I don’t really mind Bo Dallas losing here.

Solid build between Swagger and Rusev tonight. All signs point towards a flag match at Summerslam.

Poor Damien Sandow.

I really hope that Orton/Reigns/Kane doesn’t become a triple threat match at Summerslam. Man, they really used Orton’s beat down on Reigns as time filler huh?


Another funny segment from Stardust but I wonder when we’ll actually see him and Goldust in the ring again.

Who the hell would’ve thought that Brie Bella vs. Steph McMahon would be video packages opening the show and the main event segment in Raws leading up to Summerslam? I’m pretty sure they’ve gotten the point across that Brie has called Steph a bitch multiple times. Steph really is great at playing her character and hopefully their match at Summerslam is better than Vince’s match vs. Bret Hart at Wrestlemania a few years ago.

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