Pep Guardiola won't be winning any sportsmanship awards any time soon

Pep Guardiola won’t be winning any sportsmanship awards any time soon

The MLS All-Stars defeated Bundesliga’s Bayern Munich 2-1 tonight, and FCB manager Pep Guardiola was not happy.  There was some speculation that Guardiola did not appreciate some of the aggressive challenges by MLS players during the game, as he refused to shake hands with opposing coach Caleb Porter after the final whistle.  Check out a Vine of Guardiola dismissing the outstretched hand of Porter after the jump:


With football on the rise in the United States, it’s a shame to see this type of behavior from one of the more revered managers in the international game.  I understand being upset about the outcome of a game, or the play during it, but refusing to shake hands is childish and immature.  I’d have a lot more respect for Guardiola if he had given Porter a hand crusher and told him off.