HBO’s Hard Knocks is back, and this season they’re following the Atlanta Falcons through training camp.  Last night on the Season 9 premier, we got a look into the life of rookie Tyler Starr from South Dakota State, and got a glimpse of his smokeshow fiance Megan Wheeler.  It was near impossible to find photos of Megan on the internet… until I found out she has an identical twin sister, Whitney.  Check out some photos of Tyler Starr’s fiance  Megan Wheeler (or possibly her twin sister, I’m not exactly sure who’s who) courtesy of twitter after the jump:

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OK, that one at the pool while a coed friend shotguns a beer is definitely Whitney, not Megan, but it was too good to leave out.


UPDATE: Megan Wheeler is back on twitter, we’ve added a few more pics of Tyler Starr’s dime piece.

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