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This is the Monday Night Raw Recap. This contains spoilers!


Big Show and Mark Henry defeated Rowan and Harper via pinfall




Natalya defeated Paige via pinfall in a non-title match

The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler via countout


Cesaro defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall

Sheamus, RVD, and Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton and Rybaxel via pinfall when RVD pinned Curtis Axel

Goldust and Stardust defeated The Usos via pinfall in a non-title match

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose in a falls count anywhere match with help from Corporate Kane


Steph certainly has the top heel spot locked up in WWE.

Just when you think WWE will turn a page by destroying Cena and revealing a new logo it looks like it’s going to be the same exact beginning and end to Raw that it’s been the past few months.

Hopefully the combination of Raw and Total Divas doesn’t last long.



No problem with a Ric Flair appearance as long as it just stays in backstage segments. Didn’t Ric Flair unofficially hand-off the Figure Four Leg Lock to The Miz and he even ended up using it in the match? What the hell?


I guarantee that Vince suggested Dean Ambrose dump the water bucket on Seth Rollins and thought it was the hippest thing of all time.

You mean the WWE Universe gets to vote for which of three identical matches they want to see?

The Divas title couldn’t possibly worth less now that the Divas champion (2 different divas) have both lost on Raw the past 2 weeks.

Any title is better than having to see John Cena with the 2 titles wrapped around his neck

Paul Heyman really is amazing. All of his promos are similar but nobody ever gets sick of them. All of Bray Wyatt’s promos are the same and people are starting to get tired of him but Paul Heyman’s promos just keep getting better and better.

At least Cesaro picked up a win?

Dirt sheets reported this week that Vince was down on Bo Dallas so seeing him cut a promo was a pleasant surprise.

I’m surprised, even in Las Vegas, that there were real actual Ryback chants tonight. What a surprisingly good 6 man tag match.

I never would’ve bet on Mark Henry showing up twice in one night but he seems like the next logical step for Rusev.

That commercial for the documentary of all 3 members of the Shield leading up to Summerslam that’s airing on the network on Wednesday looked awesome.

Ambrose and Rollins could be the main event match every Raw for the next 2 months and I don’t think anyone would complain. Unbelievable main event.

Corporate Kane has been consistently the worst thing about WWE for the past 6 months and it sucks he had to ruin this main event.

I’m assuming this writes Dean Ambrose off for a few weeks (months?) to film a WWE movie but that also sucks because he’s probably the hottest character in WWE right now.


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