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This is the WWE Monday Night Recap. This contains spoilers!


Roman Reigns defeated Kane in a Last Man Standing Match

Mark Henry defeated Damien Sandow (as an Oklahoma Sooner) via pinfall

Dean Ambrose defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall in a Beat the Clock challenge

Rusev defeated Sin Cara via submission? (During the commercial break?)

Dolph Ziggler defeated Cesaro via pinfall

Goldust and Stardust defeated Rybaxel via pinfall

Chris Jericho defeated Luke Harper via disqualification after Bray Wyatt interfered

Diego (w/ El Torito, Summer Rae, & Layla) defeated Fandango (w/ Hornswoggle) via pinfall

Bo Dallas defeated R-Truth via pinfall

Heath Slater defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in the beat the clock challenge after Dean Ambrose distraction.

(Yes, Heath Slater defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in the main event and Seth Rollins lost the Beat the Clock challenge to determine the stipulation for his Summerslam Match against Dean Ambrose).


Another exhilarating episode of Raw that will open and close with the Authority.

Does anybody know how much the WWE Network costs?


I don’t think ever in the history of WWE has a heel won a last man standing match.

45 minutes into Raw with only match and a bunch of talking? Sounds about right.

The hype video for Summerslam with John Cena and Brock Lesnar was exactly how Brock Lesnar should be used.

Poor Damien Sandow. I guess Mark Henry has returned as a face?

Anyone else catch Vince Young at ringside?

Adam Rose has to be skating on thin ice that the only purpose he serves is performing in awful backstage segments.

I’m surprised that Rusev and Lana are still getting so much heat considering how this storyline is built on cheap heat.


I like The Miz in small doses and enjoy his character as long as he’s not in the main event.

Cesaro is in a tough spot here and I was hoping that breaking free from Heyman would be a good thing for him. That certainly hasn’t been the case so far.

Disappointing that Stardust and Goldust’s return to action was against Rybaxel to continue their best of 1,000 series:

I really hope Kane taking his mask off means he’s leaving the Authority. His character is fine he just doesn’t belong in the main event every week anymore.

At least they found something for Hornswoggle to do since 2/3 of 3MB was released, and this was worth a chuckle as long as it doesn’t go on much longer after this.


A big few weeks for Heath Slater with the main event win tonight and eliminating Cesaro from the battle royal a few weeks ago. Is that the first time someone has actually lost the match in a beat the clock challenge? I was expecting the announcement from Ambrose tonight for the stipulation but I’m sure the feud will continue past Summerslam no matter the match.

I’m surprised they went with Brie-Steph in the main event segment again after the rumored dip in ratings in the main event segment last week. I’m not sure if I would prefer Cena in the main event, it’s almost at that point. I have a bad feeling that Nikki is going to turn on Brie to turn this storyline into a Total Divas angle. What an awful awful ending to Raw 2 weeks before the second biggest pay per view of the year.

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