How the hell did I go 2nd overall and not 1st?

How the hell did I go 2nd overall and not 1st?

The annual TSB Bloggers Bragging Rights league drafted Thursday night.  Some people drafted wisely.  Others drafted like they weren’t sure if “football” was referring to the Premier League or the NFL.  Check out the draft results and let us know who you think has the best squad.



Best Picks:

Matt Forte #5, Eddie Lacy #9, Brandon Marshall #21

Worst Picks:

AP #1, Jimmy Graham #4, Marshawn Lynch #8, Andrew Luck #31

The first 3 rounds had their fair share of surprises, starting off with the very first pick.  AP is a great football player, no doubt, but LeSean McCoy has been going 1st overall in every single league in the universe (except this one apparently).  Team Fingerbang reached for Jimmy Graham 4th overall, leaving Matt Forte (ranked as high as 1st overall in PPR leagues) for Eli Manning’s Tongue at 5.  Marshawn Lynch over Eddie Lacy was yet another head-scratcher as Fins Up got the 2nd steal of Round 1.  In a 6 points per passing TD league, I went with Peyton at the turn and who I thought was the best WR available to lead off Round 2 (I like Julio Jones as well, but he is always an injury risk).

To finish off Round 2, Matt took a gamble on the declining Arian Foster, but redeemed himself with last year’s breakout WR Alshon Jeffery to start the 3rd.  Fingerbang made up for his 1st round reach with his 2nd and 3rd round picks, as many analysts expect the muscle hamster to bounce back in 2014.  Graham 4th overall was a reach by about 4 picks, but Randazz on PEDs’ Andrew Luck pick in the 3rd was a reach by about 3 rounds.  Luck may be in for a big year, but he’s not the 4th overall QB on any chart and definitely not worth a 3rd round pick.



Best Picks: 

Gronk #37, Ben Tate #67, Nick Foles #68

Worst Picks:

Sammy Watkins #62, Julian Edelman #66, Seattle DEF #69

I told myself I wasn’t going to reach for a TE, but when Gronkowski is sitting there at the turn of the 3rd and 4th rounds, you have to take him.  With an ADP of 30, 37th overall is great value.  Fingerbang made another strong pick with Matt Stafford in the 4th round (the guy Randazz on PEDs probably should have drafted if he wanted a QB early), but went on to take a DEF in the 6th round with Seattle (a major no-no in my books).  Eli Manning’s Tongue took advantage of other managers’ mistakes, landing a solid WR corps and a high-end QB in Nick Foles after his beloved Tony Romo was snatched up 4 picks prior.  Team Tuna Roll got a steal in Ben Tate, who will likely be the every-down back in Cleveland.  He’s great value as a 6th round pick and will likely outplay his ADP.


Best Picks:

Emmanuel Sanders #78, Ray Rice #91, Tom Brady #94, Matt Ryan #98

Worst Picks:

Carolina DEF #80, Bernard Pierce #84, San Francisco DEF #86, Gostkowski #93

Fantasy football leagues are won in the middle rounds, and some managers shined more than others here.  Team Tuna Roll had 2 great picks, grabbing Emmanuel Sanders and Ray Rice.  Even though Rice is facing a 2 game suspension for uppercutting his wife at a casino in Atlantic City, there’s a very good chance he’ll resume the starting role when he comes back in Week 3 over my boneheaded pick, Bernard Pierce at #84.  I contemplated taking Pierce and Rice back-to-back, and I should have.  Trent Richardson also sucks but at an ADP of 72, 85th overall isn’t terrible.

It paid off to wait on QBs for KingOfChardonnay and Hyannis YachtRockers, as Tom Brady and Matt Ryan were absolute steals.  A few more teams took their DEF in these rounds, which boggles my mind (I got San Francisco DEF in another league in the 13th round), and Fingerbang made matters worse by taking a kicker at #93 after taking a DEF 3 rounds prior.  Thanks for the donation, Fingerbang.



Best Picks:

RG3 #120, Devonta Freeman #125, Cecil Shorts #126, Jonathan Grimes #129, Philip Rivers #132, Ahmad Bradshaw #142

Worst Picks:

Ben Roethlisberger #111

At this point in the draft, all of the players are pretty much backups, fliers, and lottery tickets.  That being said, it’s difficult to call a pick “bad”, or “worst”.  Sean’s Swell Team’s pick of Ben Roethlisberger before RG3 or Philip Rivers was a bad pick.  While I don’t agree with Griffin’s ADP of 71, I do feel 120 is about right for Roethlisberger and 101 for Rivers is a steal for the #12 overall ranked player last season.  If there were bye week conflicts with SST’s #1 QB Jay Cutler, this move may have made sense, but both RG3 and P-Riv have better Week 9 matchups than Roethlisberger.  I hate everything about that pick.

A few teams got some steals in these rounds (RG3, P-Riv included).  When all is said and done in Atlanta, Devonta Freeman might be the lead running back. Jonathan Grimes is another Arian Foster injury away from being an every down back in Houston, and Ahmad Bradshaw will likely outscore Trent Richardson every single week (even with T-Rich’s goal-line vulture TDs).  Solid value there.

13-15 16


There may end up being some great picks in the 13-16 rounds, but at this point you might as well shut down the draft room and let Yahoo autodraft your remaining players.  When I take a look at each team, Hyannis YachtRockers and Fins Up put together the most well-balanced squads.  Eli Manning’s Tongue, KingofChardonnay, and myself (Hook From TSB) have very strong starting teams.  I think those 5 and Team Tuna Roll should make up the 6 playoff teams.  A lot can happen during the season, though, and I’m definitely glad to have that #1 waiver priority.


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