UConn shocked the world last season when they cut down the nets in AT&T stadium.  The place was absolutely jam-packed with Kentucky fans, but it didn’t matter as Shabazz Napier became a two-time NCAA Men’s Basketball Champion.  No one saw that coming.  Not even me.

For the past few years, I’ve been dropping knowledge about the NCAA Men’s Basketball season before any of the games have been played in my yearly preseason preview.  The first USA Today’s Coaches polls is out:

USA Today Coaches Poll
1 Kentucky (24) 29-11 785
2 Arizona (3) 33-5 746
3 Duke (2) 26-9 715
4 Wisconsin (3) 30-8 706
5 Kansas 25-10 654
6 North Carolina 24-10 598
7 Florida 36-3 568
8 Virginia 30-7 519
9 Louisville 31-6 507
10 Texas 24-11 479
11 Wichita St 35-1 471
12 Villanova 29-5 439
13 Gonzaga 29-7 423
14 Iowa State 28-8 323
15 Connecticut 32-8 292
16 Virginia Commonwealth 26-9 259
17 San Diego St 31-5 251
18 Michigan St 29-9 241
19 Oklahoma 23-10 237
20 Ohio State 25-10 223
21 Nebraska 19-13 156
22 SMU 27-10 149
23 Michigan 28-9 139
24 Syracuse 28-6 128
25 Iowa 20-13 56

Frank Kaminsky

Frank Kaminsky, Wisconsin

I’m just fucking with you.  That goofy looking 7 footer will be an All-American, but my Player of the Year seriously is



Montrezl Harrell, Louisville

He has the ability to dominate games inside the paint on both sides of the court.  He’ll average less than 2 blocks per game, but those blocked balls will go into the 15th row and knock the popcorn out of the hand of some Cardinals alumni and change the momentum of the game.  Harrell should be on an NBA team right now.  He came back to college one more year to showcase his talents, and I expect him to do just that.

Final Four Predictions:

Kentucky, Arizona, Duke, Gonzaga

National Championship Game: Arizona vs Duke

NCAA 2015 Champion:



Duke Blue Devils

I have a feeling that I’m wrong about Tyus Jones, and that he’s going to be a much better player than I anticipate.  Duke gets lucky to be on Gonzaga’s side of the Final Four bracket, while Kentucky and Arizona beat each other up to the point where the winner is too gassed to take the ‘ship.  I think the Duke Blue Devils utilize everyone in that #1 ranked recruiting class all the way to the top.

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