NBA Insider Chris Palmer (formerly of ESPN) just pulled an Anthony Weiner (kinda).  I guess it’s not a huge deal since he no longer works for the “world-wide leader”, but it’s still hilarious that a well-known sports personality couldn’t differentiate between direct message and tweet.  Check out the screen capture of what we can only assume what was supposed to be the 3rd installment of a series of direct message to an unknown woman (or man, or LGBTV, who knows?  We don’t judge here at TSB) that is kinda NSFW, but not really:




You gotta love the response from the first guy to reply to this tweet that Chris Palmer sent out to his 111,000 followers before he was able to delete it.  Lucky for bloggers like myself who find this type of thing hilarious, somebody got a screen grab before the tweet could be taken down.

The moral of this story?  Take a moment to think before you press send.  Every time.