Lisa Ann, noted as the most popular porn actress in the world by Fox News, has had a prolific career in the adult film industry. Perhaps best known for her legendary performance as Sarah Palin in the recent porn parody Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, Lisa Ann has played various roles throughout the years, from political figures to MILFs and every fantasy in between.

Since her first appearance in 1993, followed by a “comeback” in 2006, Lisa Ann has starred in hundreds of adult movies and clips. And it’s not difficult to see why. Adam & Eve calls Lisa Ann a sexy Italian beauty with a perfect body, nice tits, and a seductive smile. While that would be enough for the average adult film audience, her irresistible charm and energetic attitude towards sex give her that little something extra not every performer has.

But in December 2014, Lisa Ann announced she would be retiring from porn at year’s end, turning her attention to fantasy football. Wait. What? According to the Toronto Sun, upon revealing her plans to retire, Lisa Ann said, “In my new life I dream of having an undefeated season in fantasy football while pursuing my career in fantasy sports.” It’s not often a successful adult film star retires while still racking up the views, and even more rare is one whose post-porn ambitions include winning their fantasy league championship. So what gives? Lisa Ann has always been a fan of the sport—at least when it comes to the men she dates.

Lisa Ann isn’t the first adult film actress to get cozy with well-known athletes. That list, in fact, is a rather lengthy one, including everyone from Tiger Woods and Josyln James to Barry Bonds and Devon Shire. However, just like in her professional life, Lisa Ann is quite popular off-screen, too. In 2008, a recently divorced Hines Ward was spotted with Lisa Ann at an adult film company holiday party. The sighting sparked speculation that the Steelers wide receiver and the porn star were together, though the rumors were never confirmed.

Lisa Ann took a brief departure from football into hockey in 2013 when she had a fling with Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Del Zotto. According to Lisa Ann, things were going swimmingly until Zotto started asking her to set him up with other girls. The brief relationship ended with her calling him out on Twitter. Perhaps the bad luck with Zotto is what sent her running back to football—and more specifically, straight into the arms (or lap, as it were) of Justin Brent.

Just this past October, several photos of Lisa Ann and Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent went viral. According to TMZ, Brent took Lisa Ann to a Knicks game on what was an “official date” where they posed for a photo together with her sitting comfortably in his lap. In another shot that surfaced online, the two are in bed together, looking as happy as a couple in a post-coital haze can be. Not one to be biased toward just wide receivers, Lisa Ann was seen out with Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuermann just a month before her tryst with Brent. Some may say it’s bad to serial date the same type, but hey, at least she knows what she wants in a guy.

With the news that her dating past and future career plans are finally coinciding, it’s clear that Lisa Ann harbors a strong affinity for football—and its players. The real question is, which players are up to the challenge of giving her the undefeated fantasy season she so desires?