From free VC to random in-game items, Locker Codes are an essential part of the NBA2K video game franchise.  I’ll be updating this article every time a verified Locker Code for NBA2K15 comes out for next gen consoles (sorry 360/PS3 users, step your game up).  Some of these Locker Codes are limited/have expiration dates, though, so don’t flip out on me if they no longer work (I’ll do my best to identify the limited/expired codes).

You must include all hashtags and dashes when entering these codes:



HEYGUYS (Random item)

#BadgeUpOnNBA2K15 (MyTEAM badge pack)


SWEETPOTATO (Random VC amount)

KEEPTHECHANGE (Random VC amount)

#THEPINKARISTOTLE (MyTEAM Pink Diamond 97′-98′ Shaquille O’Neal, limited, expired)

MYSTERY (Random, expired 11/7/14)

#2KCYBERMONDAY (1,000 MT, limited, expired)

Z2WN3-F9A44-WVZE4-WSK2E-YCIPV (Onyx Kobe, limited, expired)

ISAIAHAUSTIN2KTV (Isaiah Austin MyTEAM player card, limited, expired)

#2KPINK35DURANTULA2K (MyTEAM Pink Diamond Kevin Durant, limited, expired)

NEWYEARNEWGEAR (Random MyPlayer gear, expired)

#Ronnie2KChallenge (Historic Player, timed, expires on 2/10/15)

#FREENBALEGEND (Legendary Pass Pack, timed, expires on 2/10/15)

#KDALLS35R (Random item)


SHOOT2MUCH500 (500 VC)

RA9M5-EQZCF-2EYQQ-IF5AF-UEP51 (Random Item, unlimited)

Got a locker code that isn’t listed here?  Share in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.

You’ll also notice I’ve stopped listing the extremely limited codes that expire in like 30 seconds.  I’ve never been able to get a Pink Diamond card (I type too slow I guess), and by the time I’d have it posted here, it’d be gone.