I’m not making fun of social anxiety. It’s real. People suffer from it. I don’t think Marshawn Lynch should have to speak to the media if he doesn’t want to. The fact that the NFL mandates their players must speak to the media is a little ridiculous.

With that said, I don’t think Marshawn Lynch has severe social anxiety. I think he just doesn’t like talking to people he doesn’t want to talk to, and doesn’t like talking about things he doesn’t want to talk about.  Check out this hilarious video of Marshawn Lynch playing Mortal Kombat X with Conan O’Brien and Rob Gronkowski and see for yourself:


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Marshawn looked plenty comfortable infront of Conan’s cameras. Shit, he was downright hilarious.  He even fit in a Skittles advertisement in the video.  I’m not trying to hate on the guy, but I do question the severity of the social anxiety he claims to suffer from.