This guy's resolution is to bust his ass at the gym. Literally.

This guy’s resolution is to bust his ass at the gym. Literally.

About a week ago (a week ago!), the gym was empty.  The same parking space you roll up in 5 times a week was available.  You didn’t have to wait to use any of the exercise equipment, and you were able to get through your workout routine in a reasonable amount of time.  But then the ball dropped, 2015 rolled in, and so did the New Year’s resolutioners.  The gym is now packed, you’re parking in the supermarket lot down the block, and this guy is holding you up from using the rack: 

"Just one more set, bruh"

“Just one more set, bruh”

It’s easy to hate on the newcomers at the gym, but before you start complaining about them, hear me out.  There are several reasons why everyone needs the New Years Resolutioners:

They keep gyms open and affordable.

You know why your Planet Fitness membership is only $10 a month?  Because there are hundreds if not thousands of people also paying $10 a month to be a member at the same gym.  All gyms survive off of the membership dues they collect from their patrons, especially the ones that don’t bother to come back in February.  If you want membership dues to stay low, you should be encouraging the newcomers to join, even if they’re just throwing their money down the toilet.


They’re trying to improve themselves.

You wouldn’t make fun of a kid learning how to read, would you?

OK, most of us wouldn’t make fun of a kid learning how to read.  The same should go for people trying to get in shape.  Newcomers at the gym are only there because they want to improve themselves, and that should be encouraged, not ridiculed.  It’s easy to forget that we were all new to the gym at some point.

The majority of them won’t be back in a few weeks anyway

Whether it’s from lack of motivation, injury, or simply deciding that the gym “isn’t for them”, the majority of New Year’s resolutioners don’t make it past the first few weeks of working out.  People who don’t exercise regularly aren’t used to the toll it takes on their body, and it’s much easier to give up than to push through the soreness and get fit.  So don’t even bother wasting your energy by hating on the newcomers.  Chances are they won’t be using the equipment you need for long.

"I don't have the slightest idea what I'm doing"

“I don’t have the slightest idea what I’m doing”