I’ve owned a GoPro for just about a year now and was excited to get my hands on the Steadicam Curve. It’s dubbed as an accessory that is best for creating smooth short clips, mainly outdoors and for use with action sports. While I didn’t dust off my skateboard or hit the slopes, I did use the Steadicam Curve a bunch of different times over the last few months.

So, let’s talk about functionality. Right out of the box, the Steadicam Curve is a bit larger than most handheld GoPro accessories that I’ve used and/or seen. It’s fairly light, which is a plus, and comes with weight for calibration if needed. The attachment piece uses one of the clips that come with all GoPro cameras. While it is easy to use, you still need to screw the camera into the clip and slide the clip in. I would like to see it screw right into the Steadicam, like most other accessories.

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As for the main feature, the curved grip, I found it to be a bit awkward. It’s a little clumsy, but I’m sure with some time, the user would master it, but that’s the point; GoPros are supposed to be used on the fly. This feature is good to reduce shakiness, which is part of a GoPro’s charm. They aren’t intended to be used for dramatic and/or sweeping shots; which this is capable of. You are however able to lock the handle in and this where I believe the SteadiCam Curve is best used.

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Once locked it, it becomes a rugged handheld accessory that fits naturally in your hand. I wasn’t able to test it with the stand, as shown on the website, so I couldn’t review that. With this I could see it excelling on the slops or at the skate park. The user could set it down and film from a fixed angle.

Overall, I believe the Steadicam Curve is an average accessory for the GoPro. It’s not ‘pocket sized’ as advertised, but isn’t bulky either. A bit pricey at $99.95, but with the stand an extreme sport enthusiast might be able to justify the purchase.

If you’d like to order one, it’s available to purchase on their website: