2K is already taking pre-orders for the September release of NBA2K16, the latest installment in their basketball franchise.  The cover will feature either Steph Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis, or Michael Jordan (the first 3 will include the art of the other 2, if you buy the Jordan special edition you won’t get the other art).  While they make improvements and adjustments every year, there are a few items on my list I’d like to see that they won’t be adding, because they want to keep their E for everyone rating.

Intentional Hard/Flagrant Fouls



I’ve seen flagrant fouls called in 2k15, but it’s usually the computer committing a hard foul on one of my players (always Joakim Noah for some reason).  I’ve never been able deck the opponent on a layup or dunk attempt.  2K16 would be awesome if you could intentionally foul a player hard with intent to injure them, like you can with a hard slide tackle in FIFA.  Think how awesome it’d be if they had flagrant 1s and 2s, technical fouls, ejections, and suspensions.  Oh and fights.  Have players fight if the same player fouls a player hard multiple times during a season.  We can dream, but I doubt 2K will ever put this in a game.

Players Curse When Fouled Hard, Miss Easy Shots


It happens in the real NBA on TV, why don’t they put it in the game?  The courtside mics seem to always pick up an F-bomb here and there.  Instead, NBA2K likes to assess fouls on you if you curse while playing with your mic on.  That’s lame.  Let the players swear on the court and make it realistic.

Trade Cards with Friends in MyTEAM


2K added the Auction House to NBA2K15 which allowed players to buy and sell pretty much any player card in the game (minus certain reward cards).  If you sold a card, 2K took a 30% auction fee.  Those greedy fucks.  You could try your luck buying packs with different VC or MT costs, but the pack odds were so terrible it was rare for players to get anyone of value (there are videos online of people spending a million VC worth about $250 in actual cash and getting no desirable players).  I wish they would have an option where you could list a card for trade, or trade cards with friends to build the team you want.  For random trades, you’d just list a card you have with 3 or so desirable trades and a random person could trade with you if they desired the card you had.  2K would never do this though because they want people’s money, not their satisfaction.

Let MyPLAYERs Make Destructive Life Decisions


“Hey Pharrell, you better save some of that strange for me when we hang out tonight”

I was blown away with NBA2K15’s MyPLAYER at first.  To my knowledge this was the first video game in history where you could scan your face and put yourself into the game.  It was awesome.  There were also some interactions early on in MyPLAYER mode that made me think as your career progressed it would get more interesting.  There was a PR lady that your MyPLAYER seemed to flirt with, but I haven’t seen nor heard of her since my rookie year.  The interactions with teammates seem infrequent as well.  The storyline doesn’t progress as you become a veteran player, and the same interactions are replayed over and over (sure JR Smith, I’ll go celebrate with you again).  I’d like it if MyPLAYER could make destructive life decisions, and follow-up on those player interactions.  If MyPLAYER goes out with JR Smith, I should be able to choose whether or not I want to do blow, and if so how much to do.  I should get to choose how many drinks I have at the club and whether or not to take a groupie home.  If I party too hard my performance should suffer in the upcoming game.  If I go too hard on the drugs MyPLAYER should die.  It’s morbid but I think it’d be more realistic than the cookie-cutter MyPLAYER script 2K has always had (although I remember in 2K14 going out with teammates made you hung over the next day.  Why’d they take that out?)

Make Getting to Games/Practice Like GTA


“I said no autographs!” BLAT BLAT BLAT BLAT

It’s over the top, but having to get yourself to games/practices and back in NBA2K16 would be awesome.  When you’re a rookie, you drive a piece of shit car or take public transportation.  As your career progresses you can buy a dope ride, or get a sponsorship with a car dealership and have them give you one.  If you break the law while driving to games/practice you get pulled over and it goes all over social media.  You run someone over you go to jail for a few years and hope a team takes a chance on you when you get out.  Arrive late to practice or miss the shoot around?  You get fined VC.  I feel like 2K would actually be up for this since they love taking VC from people.  Again, it’ll never happen, but it’d be a nice touch.


Got any improvements or updates you’d like to see in NBA2K16?  Leave them in the comments below.