If you’re searching for and edge to NFL Week 1 Daily Fantasy Sports, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve analyzed the player prices on both FanDuel and Yahoo Daily Fantasy and found the bargain players and best bets so you can put together a winning team.  Here are the biggest bargains for Week 1:



Kirk Cousins WAS

FanDuel Price: $6,000

Yahoo DF Price: $20

There is no cheaper starting QB in DFS this week than Kirk Cousins.  Yes, the Redskins suck, but you’ll have to shell out $300 more on FanDuel for the next cheapest option or $4 more on Yahoo DF if you want someone who’s actually playing this week.  You’ll have to pay double or more for one of the top 15 options on Yahoo DF.  Go with Cousins and load up on WRs and RBs.  If he gets you more than 10 points (and he should), he’s a steal.

Derek Carr OAK

FanDuel Price: $6,300

Yahoo DF Price: $29

Carr is more of a deal on FanDuel than he is on Yahoo DF.  While I expect the Raiders to get stomped by Cinci in Week 1, Carr has some decent weapons at his disposal in veteran Michael Crabtree and highly touted rookie Amari Cooper.  If you want to avoid the dumpster fire that is Washington, go with Carr.

Running backs


Alfred Blue HOU

FanDuel Price: $5,800

Yahoo DF Price: $16

With value like this, you can look at your lineup and say to yourself, “You’re my boy, Blue.  You’re my boy.”  When Arian Foster went down last year, Blue stepped in against the Browns and racked up over 150 yards rushing on 36 carries.  While I expect Chris Polk to steal some carries Week 1, Blue should get around 20 touches.  90 yards and a TD sounds about right, and at this price, I’ll take it.

DeAngelo Williams PIT

FanDuel Price: $7,600

Yahoo DF Price: $16

Apparently Yahoo didn’t get the memo that LeVeon Bell was suspended for Week 1.  You can expect to see Williams in just about every single Yahoo lineup because value like that doesn’t come around every week.  Pittsburgh plays New England on Thursday night, though, so Williams is only good for the DFS leagues that start before Sunday.

Wide Receivers


Leonard Hankerson ATL

FanDuel Price: $4,500

Yahoo DF Price: $10

Roddy White is injured, and Hankerson is a legit WR2 for ATL until he comes back.  You won’t find a cheaper WR that will actually give you some production.

Davante Adams GB

FanDuel Price: $5,500

Yahoo DF Price: $19

When Jordy Nelson went down, Adams became the WR2 behind Randall Cobb in Green Bay.  Cobb functions more as a slot receiver, though, making Adams a WR1 by default.  He should have a great year, and is a solid value in DFS Week 1.

Tight Ends


Owen Daniels DEN

FanDuel Price: $5,500

Yahoo DF Price: $14

Peyton Manning loves throwing to Tight Ends.  Daniels’ numbers haven’t been eye-popping in the pre-season, but you can pretty much bank on him scoring Week 1 against his former team.  He’s worth a look if you’re having trouble picking a TE this week.

Greg Olsen CAR

FanDuel Price: $5,900

Yahoo DF Price: $17

Olsen is the 5th most expensive TE on FanDuel, but for some unknown reason he’s the 10th on Yahoo DF.  With Kelvin Benjamin gone for the season, Olsen is going to be relied on heavily by Cam Newton.  I’m taking him in every single one of my Yahoo leagues, and that price tag on FanDuel is still $2,200 cheaper than Gronk, making Olsen a steal.


This is how I feel when I watch the Jets pick in the draft. Pretty sure he took the short bus to the game

New York Jets

FanDuel Price: $4,400

Yahoo DF Price: $10

Bottom of the barrel FanDuel defenses start at $4,000, while Yahoo DF is $10.  There is no better pick Week 1 on Yahoo DF than the New York Jets.  They face an anemic Cleveland Browns offense who just got shut out by the Bears in their final pre-season game.  I LOVE NY this week in Yahoo DF, and they’re even worth the extra $400 in FanDuel.

Arizona Cardinals

FanDuel Price: $4,300

Yahoo DF Price: $10

If the Cardinals stick Patrick Peterson on Brandon Cooks as expected, Drew Brees is going to be in a world of trouble.  I expect the Cardinals to force multiple turnovers in this game as the Saints WRs aren’t much to write home about after Cooks, and their running game is limited to Mark Ingram’s  stone hands (53 career receptions on 70 targets. No, not last year.  His entire NFL career).  They’re the cheapest option worth starting on FanDuel, and aren’t a bad 2nd choice after NYJ on Yahoo DF.

Best Bets for Week 1

Best bets can be different from the biggest bargains in that certain players carry a high price tag, but are more than worth shelling out that hard to ration budget cash.  Your best bets for Week 1 include:



Tom Brady NE

FanDuel Price: $8,400

Yahoo DF Price: $45

You’ll notice a lot of the players above were a better deal on Yahoo DF than FanDuel, but this is the reverse.  Teflon Tom is the 9th most expensive QB on FanDuel (same price as Cam Newton), and the 4th most expensive on Yahoo DF.  The Pittsburgh defense isn’t what it used to be.  This Thursday night game is going to be a shootout of epic proportions, and even if the Pats are up by 50 I think Belichick will be going for it on 4th and 1 from the Pittsburgh 30 in the 4th quarter.  If you’re going to blow your load on a QB, Tom Brady is the obvious choice Week 1.

Matthew Stafford DET

FanDuel Price: $7,800

Yahoo DF Price: $32

Stafford is suspiciously cheap on Yahoo DF.  I like Carson Palmer ARI over Stafford on FanDuel ($7,700), but for his value on Yahoo DF he’s going to be in many lineups this weekend.  He has a great receiving core and can blow up any given week.  He can also suck like no other QB in the NFL can suck, but at the same price as Jimmy Garoppolo NE who isn’t even playing, I’ll take the gamble.

Running Backs


Eddie Lacy GB

FanDuel Price: $8,500

Yahoo DF Price: $28

He’s the 9th most expensive RB on Yahoo DF, and the 6th on FanDuel.  The Packers will rely on Lacy heavily against a Bears defense that can’t stop a nosebleed.  I don’t think there’s another RB that matches Lacy’s Week 1 output, making him worth every penny.

Chris Ivory NYJ

FanDuel Price: $6,400

Yahoo DF Price: $17

I could have easily mentioned Ivory in the biggest bargains section, but I figured I’d save him as a best bet this week.  The Jets will run all over Cleveland in Week 1 as Ivory gets the bulk of the 1st and 2nd down work and goal line carries.  His inexpensive price tag makes him a no-brainer Week 1 DFS pick.

Wide Receivers

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Golden Tate DET

FanDuel Price: $7,100

Yahoo DF Price: $24

Detroit’s WR1 Calvin Johnson will run you $1,400 more on FanDuel and $6 more on Yahoo DF, but Tate has been the one killing it all pre-season for Detroit as Johnson rests.  When healthy, Johnson is possibly the best WR in the game, but he hasn’t been healthy in years.  Tate is going to have a great season, and as long as his price remains low DFS managers should take advantage.

Markus Wheaton PIT

FanDuel Price: $5,700

Yahoo DF Price: $15

Wheaton is another guy I could have mentioned in the biggest bargains section, but I saved him as a Best Bet.  He’s dirt cheap in both FanDuel and Yahoo DF and should have the same production as some guys going for more than 50% more.  With Martavis Bryant suspended for the first 4 weeks, expect Wheaton to put up solid WR2 numbers and help you rake on DFS.

Tight Ends


Greg Olsen CAR

FanDuel Price: $5,900

Yahoo DF Price: $17

He’s a bargain and a best bet.  Add him and watch him be the top producing TE Week 1.  You’re welcome.

Delanie Walker TEN

FanDuel Price: $5,400

Yahoo DF Price: $16

If for some reason you think I’m wrong about Olsen (I’m not), go with Walker.  He’s a steal on FanDuel and will be more than worth his $16 price tag on Yahoo DF if for some reason you can’t afford that extra dollar for Olsen.  Mariota should target Walker around 12-14 times this Sunday, and while he may not find the endzone, he will rack up receptions and yards like nobody’s business.

Kickers and DEF

Kickers are a crap-shoot.  Choose the cheapest one on the best team and hope for the best.  Yahoo DF doesn’t even include kickers, and that’s awesome.  As for DEF, the biggest bargains are also your best bet.  If a DEF is inexpensive and has a great matchup (like the Jets this week), that’s who you should pick.  If you picked the team that went against the Jaguars last week every week, you would have had the highest scoring DEF on the season by something ridiculous like 30 points.  DEF is all about matchups, and will be easier to choose as the season goes on.  I expect the Browns to get shit on every week, so whoever is playing them is always a safe bet.