Lol got you!

Lol got you!


A friend of my recently brought to my attention some insanely…and questionably popular YouTube accounts. These accounts who shall remain nameless make a killing view wise with prank videos. They range from kind of amusing to absolutely terrible. One of the top pranksters actually laughs like a school girl during each one which completely ruins the video.  Anyway I decided to be a troll and make a series of “fake” prank videos to mock these people. They are all relatively amusing and short.  Here they are now for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


In this video a stolen wallet prank begins well but ends tragically.



In this video, Scorpion tries to catch guys staring at his ass.


In this one, Joe Pontillowood tries to prank the wrong guy. Oh no!



And finally, Scorpion gets a taste of his own medicine.



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