Star Wars; The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last night, a moment building for 10 years finally came, and without giving too much…or anything away. I loved it.

Now it’s hard to really write a full review, but I stayed away from the Hollywood reviews in fear of even the smallest detail slipping out. My only comment is that the movie was made the right way. I will, however, go into detail of the experience, because it was nothing short of electric.

My first screening was in an IMAX 3D theater, which was pretty kick ass. Reseeded seating is a beautiful thing, because there was no line. I went in at about 6:30 for the 7pm showing. (PS: Much respect to the people who waited on lines, I did that a lot at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this year and it’s both physically and mentally grueling.) Once everyone was seated and the trailers started to roll, you could feel the excitement building. You hoped every trailer was the last, waiting for the movie to start, and there were even some audible groans when yet another trailer was shown.

Then it started…and oh boy did it start. Lots of cheers and applause during the start and then silence until the end. I may or may not have teared up a bit, but I will not confirm or deny either way. People, myself included, were on the edge of their seats during the entire thing. I don’t think I noticed a single person run out to the bathroom. At the end, some people lingered and talked about the movie. Most left, knowing they had work to go to tomorrow, but if they were as excited as I was (and still am) they had a hard time getting any sleep.

Now for the cheeseball personal stuff. I went with my Dad, and that was really cool. I am really glad I got to share that moment with him. But I wasn’t the only one. There were parents who brought their young kids, even a group in front of me that was 3 generations worth of fans.

That’s what Star Wars is though. It a story about family, set in a galaxy far, far away.