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Last week I tested out the new Callaway XR 16 driver, and this week I got to hit the new XR OS irons.  The XR OS are now available just about anywhere for $799.  The XR OS iron is the new extension off the Callaway XR line.  The XR iron was the #1 iron sold on the market last year, and Callaway is all about trying to make clubs easier to hit and go farther.  Let’s see if they have done this.

I hit each iron with the TrueTemper Speedstep shaft. If you were to pick up each club, the only distinction between each club is that the new OS has a blue line going through the cavity on the back of the club. But when you look at the sole of the club, that’s where the big change is.


While improving the speed of the 360 degree face cup, the XR OS iron is even more forgiving and easier to get up into the air than it’s predecessor. The second-generation design has thinned out areas around the perimeter, making those areas faster, and a sweet spot located lower on the face where most high-handicap players tend contact the ball. With the lowered center of gravity, golfers get that high trajectory and fast ball speed that is essential for hitting better shots. Let’s take a look at the numbers to see how this change affected the overall shot.

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The first thing I noticed was the distance. My average with the XR was 4 yards longer, but I have still yet to find an iron that I hit longer. When I got my hands on the XR last February, I couldn’t believe how hot these irons were and the OS has the same exact feel. A 182 yard 7 iron is LONG. I don’t hit my Titliest 690 MB 7 iron within 10 yards of that. What these OS irons do is create even faster ball speed with that high trajectory, which makes them even easier to hit.

The wide sole and slightly bigger head (OS stands for over-size), put this club in the “super game improvement” category. That means they’re the highest launching, most forgiving irons Callaway has to offer. These irons are for players with slower swing speeds, who need the most distance and forgiveness.

With my swing speed and how I strike the ball, I generated too much spin and hit the ball too high. While I loved the feel and ball speed, the ball flight and inability to work the ball doesn’t suit my game. If you are a mid to high handicapper looking to get the best technology in your hands at a reasonable price, I highly recommend the Callaway XR OS for you.