All photos in this recap are from

All photos in this recap are from

The Walking Dead is fucking back.  I’d have to check back to the episode with the big battle against the Governor and/or the episode where they had to leave Herschel’s farm, but I’m pretty sure more people and zombies die in this episode than ever.  Explosions, biters biting, zombie slaughtering, this episode had it all.  If you consider those spoilers, don’t read the rest of this post as it will include more specifics.  But if you’re interested (and you should be), read on. (LAST WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS)

“No Way Out” is a perfect title for this episode, because it seemed as if there was no way out for just about every character on the Walking Dead at some point or another, and for a few the title proved true.  Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham seem to be fucked when a group of rough-looking bikers stop them on the road.  Apparently the gang works for “Neegan”, whoever that is.  I don’t know why Daryl didn’t plow through them with the truck they were driving in, but I’m glad he didn’t.  After disarming the trio, the biker gang’s leader with guns drawn has one of his lackeys take Daryl to search the truck for supplies.  Just when you think Abraham and Sasha are done for, BOOM!


My man Daryl rocket launchers the shit out of them.  He killed every last one of them in the gang.  It was awesome.  Apparently he had silently subdued the thug behind the truck, grabbed the rocket launcher and saved the day in the nick of time.  The fireball was amazing.  The aftermath above obviously wasn’t pretty.  Incredible start to the episode.


If you remember the end of S6E8, Jessie’s (the blonde chick Rick is sweet on) son Sam (the little bitch who wouldn’t come downstairs after the battle with the Wolves) is crying like the little bitch he is in a situation where silence is absolutely paramount.  Rick, Carl with baby Judith, Michonne, Jessie, Sam, Ron, and Gabriel are all covered in walker guts trying to walk among the biters as they make their way to safety.  I was a little confused because the way the previous episode ended, Sam was crying for his mom and it looked like they were all gonna be dead from the jump.  But in this episode, they actually make it a bit before shit goes down.


They hash out a plan to get to vehicles instead of the armory, so they can lead all the roamers out of the community instead of strapping up with gats and stuff.  Gabriel takes baby Judith to the church, and Jessie tells Sam to go with him, but he insists he can make it and sticks with the group.  Bad move, bruh.  He starts having flashbacks to the time Carol told him the monsters were going to eat his flesh, and he starts whining.  The walkers realize he’s not one of them and he becomes zombie food as his mom and everyone looks on in horror.  And by everyone looks on in horror, I mean the characters in the show.  Everyone watching wanted this to happen.  Especially me.  He was my least favorite character on the show by far.


So Sam is gone, and Jessie starts screaming.  Rick’s side piece was next on the menu.  I mean it’s sad that your son is getting eaten right now but keep your shit together or you’re next, am I right?  Right.  While Jessie’s getting eaten, her hand is still clinging to Carl’s.  Rick does what any father would do and chops it off with his hatchet.  All the while Jessie’s other son Ron is witnessing this.  He pulls out his gat and is ready to mow Rick down, when Michonne comes up from behind and runs her katana through his heart.  But the gun goes off, and Carl turns around missing an eyeball and falls to the ground.  Holy shit.  The 2 most annoying people in Walking Dead history finally get theirs in the span of a couple of minutes.

I neglected to mention what was going on with the others before all that happened, but it was just too good not to talk about first.  So as for the others, Tara and Rosita are trying to hatch a plan to save Denise (the nurse/doctor) from the Wolves guy that Morgan was protecting/holding prisoner in prior episodes.  Carol is with them and she sweeps the house/takes lookout on the second floor.  Glenn and Enid are figuring out a way to save Maggie who’s stranded on the lookout, and the Wolves guy wants Denise to get through the herd with him.

Denise is about to get chewed the fuck up by some walkers, but the Wolves guy saves her.  She tells him she can save him if they can get to the infirmary, and they almost get there only to have Carol gun him down.  Denise was kinda like WTF, but I think she understood.  Rick carries Carl to the infirmary as Michonne slices their way through walkers, and Glenn and Enid go to save Maggie.

I’m not sure what Glenn’s plan was, but he basically sacrifices himself to get the walkers away from Maggie on the lookout, which is about to fall apart.  As Glenn is attracting all the walkers, Enid climbs up the lookout to help Maggie.  It looks like Glenn is all out of bullets and about to get eaten when bullets rain on the surrounding walkers.  It’s Abraham and Sasha who save the day.  Daryl drives the gas truck towards the little lake and pumps a bunch of gas in there.  He takes the rocket launcher out again and starts a huge fire in the lake, to which all the walkers are attracted to.

As Denise is trying to save Carl’s life, Rick has lost it.  Just like when he realized Lori was dead at the prison, he grabs his hatchet and starts walker bashing.  He literally goes out into the herd and starts taking them all on by himself.  The others see this and decide to go help, even though it looks like suicide for everyone.  Somehow Heath, Aaron, Michonne, Spencer, and Rick collectively start making a dent in the herd.  Then everyone gets in on it, even Alexandria’s resident pussy, Eugene.  The priest grabs a machete and starts slicing through the hundreds if not thousands of zombies.  Everyone sees the giant fireball that Daryl has created, and with the walkers heading towards it, they easily kill them one by one from behind.

This episode was insane.  I mean, hundreds and hundreds of walkers got killed.  About 20 people died.  Carl lost an eye.  If you’re wondering if he pulled through, of course he did.  The next morning dead walkers litter the streets, Rick grabs Carl’s hand, lets out a “Carrrrrrrrl” and he grabs Rick’s hand back.


This was easily a top 3 all-time Walking Dead episode.  It was just awesome.  The Walking Dead is back.  You can watch the episode here on AMC’s website for free (no login necessary) for the next 108 days

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