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Oh shit, this movie could have been awful.

Batman reading the reviews of this movie.

Holy crap guys, I went to see “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” last night.  I think the title needs a few more words because I don’t think it’s quite clear what this movie is about.  I really looked forward to hating this movie and based on everything I had read, it had sounded like this might be the last comic book movie that DC Comics ever made. But, despite it’s best efforts I actually enjoyed a good portion of this film. To be fair, when you make a two and a half hour movie you can fill it with lots of awful crap and still have it be somewhat enjoyable.

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For the next few weeks, basketball fans will be forced to tune into truTV to catch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games not being aired on CBS, TNT, or TBS.  Basketball fans are cracking jokes about the network on Twitter, and truTV doesn’t appreciate it.  They even replied to one of my tweets:

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The whole cast is back plus 15 more people.

The whole cast is back plus 15 more people.


So I lost a bet and was forced to watch the entire season of “Fuller House” on Netflix.  OK, that isn’t accurate. This was a show/series that needed to be watched out of morbid curiosity and when I say morbid I mean MORBID.  If you can handle watching a show like “Melissa And Joey” and like to do acid then this is the show for you.

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denzel valentine

Selection Sunday is upon us and the field for the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is set.  These are my predictions for March Madness:

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Blood. Sweat. Tears.  Skipping normal haircuts to craft the perfect mullet.  This is what Iowa’s Sammy Brooks is all about.  Check out his post-match interview courtesy of the Big Ten Network where the 185lb champion talks more about his hair than his wrestling technique: Read the rest of this entry »


Later, shin splints.  I had the pleasure of trying out the Shin, Calf and Forearm XT Brace with Hot/Cold Gel Pack from  Here’s what I thought:


Utility: A

Quality: A

Comfort: A

Price/Value: A

Overall: A

As someone who has dealt with shin splints on and off for the past 16 years, the Shin, Calf and Forearm XT Brace with Hot/Cold Gel Pack from was a godsend.  Had they never reached out to me, I wouldn’t have found the product I had always wanted, but never knew existed.  Something that can be worn while working out and used to treat pain afterwards is nothing short of amazing.  The XT Brace is constructed well, made of high quality materials, and gets straight A’s across the board.

Highly adjustable, highly comfortable, and highly recommended.  Get yours for $35 here.

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Nate Diaz choked out Conor McGregor in the second round at UFC 196. After a first round that was won by McGregor, Diaz caught McGregor with a right hand that wobbled the featherweight champ. Diaz turned it on and rocked McGregor with punch after punch. After a desperate attempt at a takedown, McGregor was laid out on the ground and was smothered by Diaz. Check out the victory after the jump.
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Miesha Tate choked out former UFC Bantamweight champion Holly Holm in the 5th round at UFC 196, to capture the belt.  Tate had nearly choked Holm out in the second round, but with just seconds to spare in the round she slipped out.  Holm had come back to probably win the 3rd and 4th rounds.  But after takedown attempt after takedown attempt, Tate finally got Holm down and went to work.  Check out the chokeout after the jump.
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UFC 196 Predictions

March 5, 2016 by


UFC 196 is only about 10 hours away and we have some predictions for the Pay Per View portion of the event. According to UFC President Dana White, this UFC is going to be one of the most bought ever. If you don’t think there’s any truth to that, Conor McGregor will be taking home the first $1,000,000 paycheck in UFC history. Imagine being Nate Diaz and getting $500,000 for getting pummeled for five minutes by Conor McGregor?

Along with this crazy main event, the Women’s Bantamweight title is on the line. Holly Holm will be making her first title defense against Miesha Tate. It’s been nearly three and a half years since the Bantamweight title fight has not included Ronda Rousey.
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