For the next few weeks, basketball fans will be forced to tune into truTV to catch the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games not being aired on CBS, TNT, or TBS.  Basketball fans are cracking jokes about the network on Twitter, and truTV doesn’t appreciate it.  They even replied to one of my tweets:

This isn’t a random occurrence.  Whoever is running the @truTV twitter is firing back at any and all smack talkers on the internet:


In a weird way, I respect truTV for taking this angle.  As lame as the #truTVisAThing hashtag may be, they’re standing up for their channel. If you’re curious what’s on truTV before NCAA Basketball, this is their lineup today:

3 hours of paid programming

An hour of Those Who Can’t (I wonder if the ‘Oof, Nut City’ episode was any good)

2 and a half hours of Impractical Jokers

4 and a half hours of The Carbonaro Effect

and then basketball.  Seriously.  That’s the Wednesday lineup.  I’m not making this shit up.  Granted, The Carbonaro Effect may be the one decent show on truTV, but 4 and a half hours?  There’s only so much “magic” one can watch.

Last night I made the mistake of leaving the channel tuned in to truTV after the basketball coverage was over.  The show Almost Genius came on, and if there ever was a show with a misnomer, this is it.  It’s unwatchable.  I think I got 30 seconds into it before I had to shut the TV off and fine a quiet place to clear my mind of the drivel that had just poisoned my ears.

Yes, truTV may be a thing, but it’s a very, very bad thing.  So when you’re watching college basketball for the next few weeks, make sure you don’t lose the remote.