Could you imagine that the sports that you play could make you a millionaire? Sports were once something you do to relax, have a rest from a daily routine. It was never considered a serious job. Let us take a closer look at to what sports offer other than just some physical training and a break from reality.

The wave of glamour focuses on sports and sportsmen! Now these sportsmen have the best of everything spending lots of money, flirting with girls, driving luxury cars, eating at world-famous restaurants and playing casino. Many sports stars use the NZ online casino guide.  Maybe they earn money online?

Today sports activities have become a popular method to make money. Discover how sports can make you wealthy. Are they the new breed of celebrities?

Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is the wealthiest golfer on the planet. Forbes says that he makes $78,000,000 per year in endorsements. The star has made a great amount of money working for an American multinational corporation Nike and Rolex. Since joining the PGA Tour in 1996, Tigers has won $123,550,970 on the golf course alone. While the prize money is nice, Forbes has also reported that Tiger’s net worth is well north of $1 billion.

Roger Federer

This tennis player is one of the wealthiest athletes ever. Federer has won over $80,000,000 in prize money during his career, and has a net wort of over $300,000,000. A great deal with Sporting Goods products Wilson, Nike and Rolex has added $65,000,000 to his bank account. 10 various sponsors bring Roger $40,000,000 annually. An agreement with the brand like a French fine winery Moet and Chandon has added a really big sum to Federer’s wallet.

Kobe Bryant


This sports star is a world-famous basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. “Black Mamba” has ranked number three among the most affluent sportsman who makes more than $60 million per year including endorsements. The main part of the sportsman’s income comes due to supporting brands like a German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Lenovo and Turkish Airlines, which bring him almost $35,000,000. The so-called “Black Mamba” collected $25 million during the final year of his playing career.

LeBron James

The star, also known as “King James”, is probably the most famous NBA player. He earned over $60,000,000 last year, and that made him one of the most demanded sportsmen. His productive work with the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Samsung has brought him $42 million. LeBron will make $24 million is salary this year for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Drew Brees

If you are a star QB in the NFL, you will make a ton of money. Can you imagine that the footballer acquires $51 million? He makes up $40 million from sports. The footballer makes $10,000,000 working with Procter and Gamble, Wrangler and Nike. An agreement with the New Orleans Saints made him $37,000,000 richer.

Professional sports give a lot of chances to become a millionaire. If you do your best and train hard, you will get all the chances to become not only famous but very rich! So, If you are good at sports, keep playing! One day your name can be added to this list!