Carl’s still alive. Unfortunately.

This post might be morbid as fuck, but I’m writing it anyway.  It’s generally not polite to cheer for people to die, but in AMC’s The Walking Dead, some characters deserve to get got.  Carl’s one of them, and we had a close call, but unfortunately the little scamp is still alive and kicking.  These are the top 5 most satisfying The Walking Dead deaths, in chronological order.

5. Shane Walsh- Stabbed in the heart by Rick, Zombie Shane shot by Carl


Shane was one of my favorite characters on TWD, but he was absolutely mental. I still think his character got killed off too soon (Season 2), but what was Rick gonna do? Let Shane kill him and take his family? Naa. Shane had it coming.

Shane lures Rick out to a field in the middle of the forest by pretending to look for an escaped captive, but Rick isn’t fooled and soon realizes Shane’s planning to kill him. Rick makes it seem as though he’s handing Shane his gun, but once the gun is in Shane’s hand, Rick pulls out a knife and stabs Shane in the chest. It was kill or be killed, and Shane was no match for Rick Grimes.  Walker Shane gets up a little while later, and Carl finishes him off.

This is where Rick learns that everyone’s infected, and that anyone who dies is going to get up as a walker if the brain isn’t destroyed.

4. Tomas- Machete to the dome by Rick, aka “Shit Happens”


Jumping to Season 3, Rick brings us another satisfying TWD death.  Thomas was only in 2 episodes, but he was an asshole.  Tomas had already proved to be a dangerous man, mercilessly bashing his friend Big Tiny’s head in after getting scratched by a walker.  As the group is taking out walkers in the prison, Tomas almost kills Rick, twice.  Rick instructs Tomas to open a single door. After opening both and allowing in the full group of Walkers, Tomas justifies his actions by saying “Shit happens.”  In the melee that ensues, Tomas intentionally swings his weapon too close to Rick at one point, and even throws a walker at him.  After they manage to kill all the walkers, Tomas shrugs it off with a comment, to which Rick nods his head and agrees, saying “I get it. ‘Shit happens.'” After a brief stare-down, Rick whacks Tomas in the dome with his machete.  It was awesome.

3. Philip Blake aka The Governor Stabbed through the back by Michonne, Shot in the head by Lilly


The Governor terrorized Rick’s group for the majority of seasons 3 and 4, killing over 50 people and countless walkers before getting his.  Michonne had previously taken the Governor’s eye, but Andrea stopped her from finishing him off.  This proved to be a costly choice for Andrea as the Governor would go on to cause her death and many more.

After decapitating Herschel, The Governor has his militia storm the prison.  Rick tackles him on their way in, but the Governor gets the upper hand and almost strangles Rick to death.  Michonne manages to sneak up behind him and run her katana through his back.  Left for dead, one of his own militia women, Lilly, finishes him off with a bullet to the head.  If anyone deserved it in the post-apocalyptic Walking Dead world, it was the Governor.

4. Dawn- shot in the head by Daryl (after she killed Beth)


Dawn was the see you next Tuesday leader of a group of police officers at Grady Memorial Hospital, and her death was as satisfying as it was quick.  Beth was a beloved character on TWD, and just when we thought the group was getting her back, Dawn shoots her dead.  Granted, Beth was trying to kill Dawn with a pair of scissors, but evidently you don’t bring scissors to a gun fight.  Daryl promptly walked up and put one in the dome of Dawn, effectively taking out one of the most hated characters from Season 5.

5. Sam- Devoured by walkers after whining like a little bitch


Sam is the only TWD cast member on this list who isn’t listed as an antagonist on The Walking Dead Wikia page, but he was by far the most annoying character not named Carl.  His death could have happened to Carl several times but didn’t, so we have to take solace in seeing Sam, the biggest, whiniest baby of all time getting turned into walker food in Season 6.  Seriously, the way he died couldn’t have been more appropriate.

After the group covers themselves in walker guts so they can walk among the dead and escape an overridden Alexandria, Sam swears he won’t be a giant pussy for once and says that he can stay with the group and make it through the herd.   In a situation where silence is absolutely paramount, Sam starts crying for his mom after seeing a child walker and remembering what Carol said about the monsters getting him. One of the walkers seems to go Romero style and try to eat his brain, while a few others chow down.  Later, Sam.

Unfortunately, Sam getting eaten caused his mom to get eaten, which caused his brother to pull a gun on Rick, which caused Michonne to run her katana into his brother’s back, which caused Carl to get shot in the eye.  The chain reaction of Sam being a bitch was so impactful that you can justifiably characterize him as a villain in my book.


That’s my top 5 most satisfying deaths on The Walking Dead.  Daryl blowing up several saviors with the bazooka would be an honorable mention, if I’m allowed to have one.  That was awesome.  Leave your thoughts in the comments section if I left something out.

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