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The good people at Legion reached out to me and asked me to give their pre-workout supplement, Pulse, a try.  While I work out regularly, I generally don’t use supplements of any kind.  I tried protein powder in college and I felt like it was just making me heavy, and I’ve used deer antler velvet before for the hell of it, but that’s really it.


Effectiveness: A

Taste: C-

Side Effects: B

Price: B

Overall: B

I generally don’t use supplements, pre-workout or post workout, but I’m always willing to try something new for the good of our readers.  At $39.95 a tub, Legion Pulse is a little pricey, but if you use half the recommended dosage (which is really all you need), it’ll last twice as long as other pre-workout supplements of similar price and design.  I liked the pick-me up it gave me before and during my workout.  If you’re interested, you can buy it here:

Check out my full review for details.

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At the 2:47 mark of the 1st round at UFC 198, American heavyweight Stipe Miocic knocked out the Brazilian champion, Fabracio Werdum with a right hook to win the title. The two fighters traded many big shots for the first few minutes, but when Werdum got aggresive, Miocic backed up and caught him for the KO. Check out the shot that made the belt change hands.
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Most men aren’t shoppers, per se, but every sports-minded fellow can appreciate the purchase of a quality piece of American sports gear. From basketball to baseball, volleyball to golf, sports fanatics have a wide array of games to get involved in. Stock up on the essential athletic gear that belongs in every sports buff’s stash. Whether you’re on the field in a fiercely competitive intramural league or just want to get out and throw the ball around with your son or daughter, these are the five iconic American sports gear items you need.

Spalding Basketball
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Which Team Of Heroes Can Look The Saddest?

Not Sure What We’re Fighting For But Let’s Do It!


If you needed a comic book movie that would wash the taste of “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Whatever” out of your mouth (Even though it really wasn’t that bad but it still should have made you sad for the future of humanity) then watching “Captain America: Civil War” is everything you could have asked for.  And I have to say, that upon a first viewing this may have been the best comic book movie ever.  How is that possible? Well, it’s been three days since I watched it and still can’t think of anything that’s wrong with it so holy crap guys this might be it.

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