We always want to set our children up with the greatest chance for success, and the same is true of parents who have enrolled their kids into youth sports. For parents of basketball hopefuls, there are a variety of ways to encourage their dreams and help them succeed. Consider the following tips and tricks and make sure your child is happy and ready to play each and every time he or she heads out on the court.

Allow for Dedicated Practice Time

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it sure makes better. Allow your child to use as much time as they desire to practice their skills, so long as it’s not interfering with their school work. The more opportunity they have to dribble, shoot, and run drills, the better off they’re going to be come game time. Don’t assume all training should be restricted to the court. Sprinting, jump roping, and resistance training can all contribute to a better season of basketball play for your child. If they’re in the competitive realm, a membership to a local gym for physical maintenance could be a great route, and if you make it a family affair, you’ll see all of you healthier and happier in the long run.

Understand the Game Yourself


If you want to help your child out with advice, you’ll need to understand the game like the back of your hand. Even if you’ve never played a lick of basketball, there’s always room to learn. Check out books, read online forums, talk to other parents on the team, and do everything you can to improve your own education on the sport. This will help you lend a helping hand to your child whenever necessary. You’ll also be setting a great example; you are your child’s role model, and if you show a passion for bettering yourself, even in terms of your child’s sport, they’ll definitely take note as well. The more educated you are on the game, the more familiar you’ll be with the challenges your child is likely to face. This will help you bolster them for the roadblocks ahead, and help you empathize with your child when they’re struggling.

Attend Basketball Games

One of the true joys of sports is the roaring of a cheering crowd, memories of good times spent in the arena, and amazing athletic feats performed right before your eyes. Help your child generate further interest in the game by attending games in your local area, both big and small. This will help them watch true sportsmanship and agility in action, and give them something to work towards in their youth sports career.

Outfit them with the Right Gear

Fortunately for parents of basketball players, the costs associated with gear for the game is relatively low in comparison to other sports. When it comes to apparel, often you’ll purchase a uniform for the year which doesn’t tend to run too high. One area that you shouldn’t skimp on is footwear. Basketball players need to be agile and quick on their feet in order to traverse back and forth on the court with speed, and their feet need to be taken care of.


Check out the basketball socks from Stance and grab some new basketball sneakers from Finish Line. You don’t have to shell out hundreds for Air Jordans, at least not until you know how serious your child is about pursuing this sport in the long term—and hopefully after their feet have stopped growing. Beyond apparel, you’ll need to invest in a solid basketball hoop and of course have a few basketballs on hand. Though you likely already have the latter, investing in a basketball hoop is essential for helping your child work on their game. Check out Goalrilla.com and find all the professional hoops and accessories you need to turn your backyard into a court fit for a basketball pro.

Helping your child succeed in basketball is about more than drills. Support them in all their losses and wins, exalt their successes and individual improvements, and remain dedicated to ensuring their happiness throughout.