Do you like football? Do you know how much money top footballers earn? Here you’ll learn about top 10 players and find out who is the richest among them.

In our time footballers have become richest people in the World. Their wealth is measured in tens millions euros. They earn not only on their football career. Most of them have a successful business.

However, not only the players can make money on football. Fans also can do it. Many of them bet on football matches and earn real money. You need just to understand football to do it.


Kaka has 82 mil euros. Kaka is kept in the top five, although he’s anticommercial. He gave up two years contract with real Madrid (€9 mil for each) in favor of a one-year one with AC Milan (€4 mil), and was injured in the game against Torino, refused to pay at the time of treatment. Kaka did not want to go to FC Manchester City, although he could become the highest paid player on the planet. Ricky Kaka deserves respect.

Wayne Rooney


Rooney’s wealth is 84 mil euros. He soared after signing the biggest contract in the history of English football — £ 300,000 a week. For five years Wayne has earned about 95 mil euros only on football. Relationships with advertisers are not so successful. Coca-Cola broke the contract after the scandal with fornication. EA Sports also didn’t renew the contract. However, he signed another ones with Nike and Samsung on 4 million euros.

Samuel Eto’o

Eto’o has 85 mil in European currency. Two years in “Anzhi” have made the Cameroonian one of the richest sportsmen outside of North America. He earned 20 million euros per season. There are rumors about fantastically expensive accommodation and flights from Paris to Moscow for training and to Makhachkala for matches. Eto’o is generous. After qualifying for the 2010 world Cup, Samuel presented to each player of the national team of Cameroon watch worth € 33,000. According to the contract with FC Chelsea, he earns 5 millions euros per year. He also has signed contracts with FORD and John Richmond. We can see that football isn’t only sport, but also a great possibility to earn. And this possibility can be used also by fans. There are many people who earn real money by online betting using sportsbetting-x.com. Become one of them too.

Lionel Messi

Messi has earned about 200 mil in European currency. In 2012, Messi signed with the Barcelona 6-year contract for 15 million euros per year. Perhaps his salary will be revised upward. A long-term contract with Adidas Leo receives about 2 million euros per year. He became the second athlete in history (after Beckham), which produces a nominal range of goods. Along with Kobe Bryant Messi starred in commercials for Turkish airlines. Leo joined Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger woods in a Gillette campaign.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo’s wealth is about 210 millions dollars. According to the contract with FC Real Madrid, he earns 17 millions euros per year. This contract is going to be renewed. He gets 6 million dollars per year from Nike and touts Armani, Castrol Edge Jacob & Co , Herbalife, Banco Espirito Santo and KFC.