66th NBA All-Star Recap

February 28, 2017 by

Did you miss the 66th NBA All-star games? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The NBA All-Star 2017 ended on the score of 192-182 in favor of the Western Conference against the Eastern Conference. The thrilling final game happened at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans which is well of course a game that brought a lot of astonishments, shocks and surprises to the viewing public.

Sports backed by worldwide popularity are sites of pleasure and bets are being placed by individual fans and organizations from various stretch of the sports public. Usually, many basketball games are covered and under leisure and online gambling complex with which you can play for free or real money. Of course, the NBA All-Star game is not foreign to this obsession especially that basketball is distinctively stirring and extremely stimulating.

Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans, the hometown team, was declared Most Valuable Player garnering a record of 52 points plus 10 rebounds after a whirlwind of a game. Davis shattered the previous All-Star record of 42 points by Wilt Chamberlain serving an awe-inspiring sum of 18 dunks showcasing his jumping feats.

Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, under the West All-Star team, failed to knock down 3-pointers which deemed as the only flaw on the over-all stat line. However adding a total of 10 rebounds and 10 assists for a triple-double. A bout on the game between Durant and former teammate Russell Westbrook was one remarkable feat to witness on this year’s game.

Kawhi Leonard, also from the West, has been noticed of his understated performance in comparison to his previous games in basketball formats other than the All-Star. Stephen Curry from the same team donned impressive alley-oop skills although the game presented a rather simple act from the two-time MVP. James Harden, from the Houston Rockets, played for the same team and has successfully thrown as many assists to the team bringing in a total of 12 as he shoots. DeMarcus Cousins, a player from the Sacramento Kings, played for the West team for just 2 minutes with reports of switching decisions with co-player Jahlil Okafor.

Marc Gasol played the longest time: a total of 21 minutes for the All-Star West team. Gasol led highlight dunks for the team and was actually two assists away from having triple-double together with Kevin Durant. Draymond Green was seen focusing less on the score (his typical character) but is more concentrated on putting up his teammates on rebounds and defence. Green had assists aiding Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook’s successful attempt to dunk. Gordon Hayward from the Utah Jazz team is recognizable of his incredible All-Star debut ending up in eight points for the West team. DeAndre Jordan’s unseen threepoint skills was unleashed on the game while Klay Thompson was eliminated proving that the All-Star might not be a good venue for his shooting prowess. Russell Westbrook was an important asset of the West team having scored 41 minutes in just 20 minutes, a more efficient use of time than the game MVP David proving he is also equally a force to reckon with.

Moving on to the East All-Star Team, Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks made 28 points leading the team in three periods. Antetokounmpo’s goals consisted of 12 impressive dunks though encountered with several steals from the opposition. This Bucks player is also not far from attaining the Most Valuable Player award of the game placing third to Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Balls team put up a total of six points, two assists and three rebounds within 19 minutes.

Lebron James also playing for the East All-Star team unluckily was just off the bench most of time. Although we received several attempts of dunks from him on the early period of the game. Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers was equally skilled in shooting and defence putting up a sum of 14 high assists to his teammates. Irving also scored 22 points under 12 notable attempts. DeMar DeRozan shocked a play before the halftime buzzer against a duo attempt from Irving and James.

Carmelo Anthony of New York Knicks who also belong to the roster of East players finishing 10 points with three-point shots on the fourth quarter of the game. Paul George hailing from the Indiana Pacers missed 7 of all his three-point attempts on the duration of the All-Star game. He just showed minor shot selection with his shooting attempts making him better off at dunking. Kyle Lowry made the most out of the night by having showcased pull-up three pointers. Actually, more than any other All-Star game player in the NBA history. Lowry kicked in 5 over 9 of total beyond the arc attempts. Overall, he pitched in a total of 19 points for the East team.

Paul Millsap, playing Forward for the East from Atlanta Hawks drove fast layups. His game was underscored by two good attempts for the East’s advantage. One is a unique outlet pass from his left hand and another is a layup where he remarkably faked a three-point shot against a defender from the opposite team. Millsap scored an over all of five points and five rebounds. Isaiah Thomas, a known shooter from the Boston Celtics, had turboed points from time to time during the game. A sum of 20 points and 3 assists contributed by Thomas to the team. He also made favourable attempts at engaging with the opponents by shooting over whilst Westbrook on a standby on his stealth moves.

Kemba Walker, is mostly known for his three-point skills playing for his team Charlotte Hornets since 2011. Meanwhile during the game, he worked and played as a major giver of assists which is unlikely of him from his previous format games. Nevertheless, Walker drove significant force for the team by his assists and a major pull-up 3 during the fourth quarter. Last but definitely not the least from the All-Star East team is John Wall. As an experienced member of Washington Wizards, he professed serious dunking moves including admirable left-hand moves, dribbling through offense from the other team players and high steals. He made an overall of 12 points and 6 rebounds.