The good people at Care/of let me trial their personalized daily vitamin service.  They created this service to help people figure out which vitamins and supplements are right for them.  Their goal is to make it easier for people to live well, and that starts with getting a daily dose of vitamins tailored for each individual.


Quality: A
Convenience: A+
Value: B+
Overall: A
Care/of makes it incredibly simple to get the vitamins you need.  You visit their website, answer a few questions about your lifestyle, and they tailor a daily vitamin regimen for you.  It’s that easy.  You’ll receive a box with 30 packs of vitamins that you can take each day.  After taking your initial survey, you barely have to think about it.
If for some reason you don’t trust their algorithm, you can order whatever vitamins you want from their products page.   Their prices range from $5/month for daily B12/C/D vitamins to $25/month for their twice a day prenatal vitamins.  Orders over $20 ship free.
Care/of makes ordering vitamins incredibly simple and convenient.  The days of randomly taking a multivitamin every day are over.

After going online and taking their personalized survey, Care/of sends you a little package with a thank you note (nice touch), a pamphlet, and a box of 30 individually wrapped vitamin packs.  As you can see in the photo of the red box in the beginning of this post, it’s pretty clear there’s some sort of vitamin or medicine inside the box.  I prefer my shipments to be a bit more discreet, but then again maybe if the local package thief realizes these are vitamins and not Beats By Dre headphones, they won’t steal the box off of my stoop.

Each individual package is personalized, so if you have multiple family members or roommates who subscribe to Care/of’s vitamin delivery service, they won’t mix up your dosage with theirs.  I really liked this personalized touch.  The box itself is discreet enough where you can leave it on your counter top, or in a cupboard and your guests probably won’t even notice it.

Inside the little package were my 3 personalized daily vitamins.  You can tell Care/of sources their ingredients from only the highest of quality places.  Upon reading the pamphlet, I noticed the magnesium pill is sourced from Irish sea water.  I thought that was pretty cool.

Before receiving my trial of Care/of Personalized Daily Vitamins, I’ve pretty much half-assed my vitamin intake for my entire life.  My parents gave me Flintstones chewables when I was a kid, and I always thought they were disgusting.  Sometimes when I’m at the supermarket as an adult, I buy the gummy vitamins.  They taste good, but I know I’m not getting what I really need and more often than not I don’t even take them.

I’m sold on Care/of’s model and will be looking into continuing my subscription once I’ve gone through this initial order.  If you’re like me and need some structure in your daily vitamin intake, head over to their website and get yourself set up.  I highly recommend it.