Thanks to Kellogg’s I had the chance to speak with NBA All-Star and Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler the other day.  Jimmy is participating in the Buckets for Breakfast campaign, where Kellogg’s is encouraging everyone to show off their trick shots to fight childhood hunger.  I asked Jimmy some hard-hitting questions, and he didn’t pull any punches.  

Following the Bulls win over the Golden State Warriors, Jimmy got up bright and early to chat with me just before heading to a local Chicago school to meet up with some kids and Tony the Tiger.  Jimmy told me this is his 3rd year in a row working with Kellogg’s and No Kid Hungry, trying to make sure the local youth gets a solid breakfast each day.

I asked Jimmy about All-Star week in New Orleans.  He told me “All-Star was cool.  It was good, it was fun, but I was excited to get back and play for my team”.  He seemed more excited about #BucketsForBreakfast and encouraged me to post any trick shot videos I may have on social media.  The night before, his former teammate Taj Gibson made a near full-court shot at the buzzer, to which Jimmy said “he could never do that again”.

While I was unable to get out to the gym myself and shoot some trickshots, a former classmate of mine has been getting some #BucketsForBreakfast on the regular.  “Mr Trick Shot” aka Chris Dobransky, a Phys Ed teacher in New York has become an internet sensation with his trick shot videos.  Check em out here:

Speaking of hungry, I asked Jimmy for some restaurant/dinner recommendations here locally in Chicago.  He said he’s got his own chef that keeps him healthy, but if he ever does step out to a local restaurant he is a big fan of Maple & Ash and Sweet Mandy B’s.  For breakfast, he prefers Hashbrowns Cafe.

I asked Jimmy about the Bulls season, and how they seem to get up for the big games and beat the better teams but stumble against lesser opponents from time to time.  He said he doesn’t think about that, and takes each day at a time and doesn’t try to think too much about other team’s records.

Jimmy Butler was a pleasure to talk to.  He’s a true professional and I hope he’s going to be in Chicago for a long time.  He told me Marquette was going to make the NCAA tournament (I didn’t think they would), and he was right.  Hat’s off to Jimmy and I hope the Bulls find success in the near future.